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Vincere Core
Vincere Core

How Vincere's key features work, and how to access them.

Application Stage
Quick Add job type field configuration
Consolidated Activities
Company Admin
Application Source
Send Client Booking
Send Candidate Contracts to Company Email
How to share candidate documents to the Client Portal
Document Expiry Reminders
Link a Candidate to a Contact
Send Compensation Info to Accounting
How to request Documents from Candidates
How to Ad Chase in Vincere
Blocklisting Candidates & Contacts
Bulk update record ownership
Requesting on-boarding documents
Candidate LiveList™
File types supported in Vincere
Renewal Process in Vincere
Offer accepted / rejected
Merge Candidates
Export to CSV (Excel)
Tracking 2+ interview in Vincere
Unable to delete Contact
Click-to-call Default Program setup (Windows)
Onboarding Document Verification
Adding hyperlinks
Setting up Fee Models
Email Permission/Subscription
Tracking and Managing Activities
Deal Process Management
Executive Brief
Sending an invite for a meeting or interview
Creating 'Call Lists'
Last Activity Date
Quick Place Action
Original CV Preview added to Candidate comments
Maximizing Your Recruitment Efforts with Hotlists in Vincere 🔥
Set expiry dates and reminders for onboarding documents
Reject Candidates
Float Candidates
Parsing Candidates straight from an email
Rating Candidates against a 'Job'
Talent Pools for Candidates
Keep in View (KIV)
Archiving and Deleting Candidates
Offer Approvals
Table View and Smart View Configuration
How do interviews in Vincere work?
Linking a Contact to a Candidate
User Permissions
Cancelling Placements
Placement Comments
Bulk Upload Files
Vincere Email
Understanding the Vincere pipelines

Document Builder
Formatted Resume Builder
Credit Invoice Builder
Interview Doc Check Declaration Builder
Sales and Purchase Invoice Builder
Consolidated Sales and Purchase Invoice Builder
Candidate Doc Document Builder
Candidate/Client renewal contract builder
Self-Bill Invoice Builder
Custom wildcards | Document Builder
Client Documents/Contracts Builder
Client Booking Builder
Offer Contract Builder
Client Proposal Document Builder
Job Doc Checks Compliance
Templated User Roles
Removing a User from Vincere
Adding your Email Signature
Transfer a license
Changing Emails in Vincere
Vincere Email Templates
Understanding wildcards in Vincere
Configure User Settings
Mastering Your Vincere Setup: Industries, Expertise, Groups, Tags, and Locations
Groups in Vincere
Color-coding for Brands
Adding new tags to your Brand
Company Compliance
Troubleshooting Email Sync Issues
Enabling 2 FA in Microsoft Office 365
Enabling 2FA in Microsoft Outlook
LiveList™ Settings
Umbrella & Limited Companies Settings
How to Set Up Onboarding Documents
Custom Status Tag for Entities
Configure Custom Rejection Reasons
Configuring Task Actions
Adding Logo in Vincere
Configuring Candidate Sources
Setting Sub-Statuses
How to configure candidate onboarding fields
User Locations
How to send Bulk Emails
Connecting your Emails to Vincere
Geotag Locations
System Mail Settings
Adding and Configuring Document Types
Understanding the default Candidate Sources in Vincere
Configuring CRM stages inside Vincere
Candidate Sources: Auto parse v.s. Data Import
Changing Job Types
Placement probability by stage
Types of Custom Fields
Adding New Fields to the Candidate Profile
Add Expiry Date to Candidate Documents