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Getting Started with Vincere: A 10-Step Checklist ✅
Getting Started with Vincere: A 10-Step Checklist ✅

Get Ready, Steady & Start Billing.

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Welcome to Vincere! 👋

We’re thrilled to have you onboard!

⭕ Connect Your Emails to Vincere

Sync your email and calendar to Vincere to keep all your communications in one place. No more switching between tabs and windows!

To sync your email in Vincere please follow the steps ⬇️

📌 Benefits:

🔹 Create candidate records directly from your email.

🔹 Streamline your communication.

⭕ Get the Vincere Mobile App

Recruit anywhere, anytime with the Vincere mobile app. Perfect for on-the-go recruiting.

Available on: iOS & Android

📲 Learn More and Download:

⭕ Use VinnyChat

Communicate with your team directly inside Vincere. VinnyChat is available on both desktop and mobile.

💡 TOP TIP: Keep things fun with GIFs & Emojis!

📂 Learn More:

⭕ Download Velocity

Velocity is essential if you use LinkedIn. It allows you to:

🔹 Check if a LinkedIn profile is in your database.

🔹 Edit profiles without leaving LinkedIn.

🔹 Shortlist candidates directly for a job.

📌 Learn More and Download:

⭕ Add Candidates

Start working on jobs by adding candidates to Vincere.

⭕ Understand the Pipeline

Learn how to move candidates through the application stages from Applications to Placement.

📂 Learn More:

⭕ Send Candidates through the LiveList™

The LiveList™ centralizes all candidate-related information and CVs into one online portal for client review.

📂 Learn More:

⭕ Create Talent Pools and Distribution Lists

Organize your candidates and contacts into segmented lists for quick and efficient management.

📂 Learn More:

⭕ Search for Candidates/ Resume/ CVs

Quickly search within resumes to find the right candidates.

📂 Learn More:

⭕ Track and Manage Activities

Logging activities leads to more placements. Track phone calls, add notes, and manage your activities efficiently.

📂 Learn More:

By following this checklist, you'll be well on your way to making the most out of Vincere.

Happy recruitment #TheVinnyWay🤩

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