Vincere data import allows you to parse hundreds of CV’s at the same time seamlessly into new Candidates. 

This feature also keeps a record of the CV’s parsed into Vincere letting you know the status of all uploaded files. 

How it all works? 

  1. Settings > Data Import 

Simply drag and drop the resumes into the upload button, and instantly they will become candidates inside Vincere.

Here you can upload up to 500 resumes/CVs at once (anything over 100 needs to be in a zip file).

When the upload is complete you will see the import history at the bottom:

  1. Parsed - It was successful
  2. Duplicate Found - You already have this candidate on Vincere
  3. Missing Email - Without the email address Vincere can’t verify if it’s a duplicate or not - you'd need to manually process this. 

IMPORTANT: You can upload up to 500 resumes at the same time but if you have 100+ files they need to be zipped before uploading. Resume parsing only supports ZIP, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, RTF, TXT and PDF. 

 🔥PRO TIP: Make sure you have ‘Enable auto parsing’ ticked. Vincere provides you with 500 free credits per month for bulk data import - 1 credit/ CV.

Easy peasy - happy importing! 👋 #TheVincereWay 

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