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Tracking and Managing Activities

Log calls, meetings, comments in Vinny

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There are a few different ways inside Vincere to manage tasks:

From the Quick Add, you can create a task, comment or meeting

You can also create new Tasks and Meeting from within the Task Board itself.

Now that you know where to find Tasks - let's get going and create one.

1) Click Add New > Select Task

Fill in the details:

By clicking on 'More Details', you can fill in more details:

Once the task has been created it will automatically show up on your Vincere planner.

To see the task details, double-click the planner entry:

This works in the same way for creating both comments and meetings too.

From the task tab this is where all your meetings and tasks are being tracked. You will have the options not only to create new meetings or tasks but also mark them as complete or delete them to your liking.

Any changes you want to make like a reschedule of a meeting or change the details of the task just click the task entry.

πŸ”₯ PRO TIP: When creating a comment you also have the option to select 'Follow up Activity' - this will automatically prompt you to create another meeting or task as soon as you hit save - perfect for say a 7 day follow up call.

Finally, if you want to add a Comment, Task or Meeting to a specific Candidate or Contact quickly you can head to the respective person, hit actions and then select which option you'd like.

For more on creating a custom activity type or action click HERE

For more on configuring task please click HERE

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