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Creating a custom activity type or action
Creating a custom activity type or action

How to set up a custom activity type or action for calls and meetings

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First, head to Settings > Goals Console

In the Goal Console, you can rename and set the goal as an ‘action’ for your users:

This is what the ‘Action List’ refers to:

There are six (6) actions that you can customise for candidates and contacts. These actions are available when you create a comment, task or meeting in Vincere.

Once you have toggled these actions to ‘Yes’, it will show as options for the Action List:

Can I link this to a goal or KPI?

Yes! For Vincere to automatically link this to goals, simply toggle to ‘Yes’ in the Activate Goal section.

Goals (including your custom goals) will be automatically tracked and pulled to Intelligence > Goals

To learn more about the Goals dashboard, check out this article.

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