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Setting targets and KPIs for your Consultants in Vinny
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This dashboard is great for:

  1. Directors, managers, team leaders and everyone in the business who wants to gain visibility into business performance

  2. Consultant one-on-one: personalized performance reviews/checkpoints

  3. Tracking performance: Targets versus Actuals

Watch the 30 minute “lunch & learn” workshop below 👇, then use this article to get started with Vincere’s Goals Dashboard.

The Goals Dashboard helps monitor your team's performance and offers an indication of how much further your team needs to go in order to hit revenue goals and targets.

Once you're measuring the right Goals and have calibrated your targets correctly, the Goals Dashboard will be an invaluable performance management tool.

🚀 Find out the 5 key metrics our top performing customers are incorporating into their Goals and KPIs - Read the full blog here.

📍 Overview

The Goals Dashboard measures the number of activities or revenue (fees) achieved by the Consultants against their targets.

There are 5 main reports inside the Goals dashboard:

  1. Goals: overview of each Consultant’s performance (Actuals versus Targets).

  2. Goals - AI: overview of each Consultant’s performance (Actuals versus Targets) with a different visualization and a focus on Fees and Ratios.

  3. Benchmarks: measures Goal achievement against Revenue achievement.

  4. Report Data - Drill-Down Log: a list of activities taken inside the platform that are linked to set Goals.

  5. Report Data - By Entity: a list of records (candidates, jobs, contacts, companies) that have an activity linked to a Goal.

💡 Did you know? You can switch Goals Dashboard to Dark Mode. Pretty cool right? 😎

📊 Reports

1. Goals

Key metrics: The percentage of Goals achieved against all set targets in a specific time period (see below 👇). Targets (Goals) can be set up in ‘Goal Console’.

  1. Goal Achievement: % of Goals achieved

  2. Last Month: % of Goals achieved for the month before the current month

  3. Previous Month: % of Goals achieved 2 months ago

  4. 3 Months Ago: % of Goals achieved 3 months ago

  5. 1 Year Ago: % of Goals achieved for the last month a year ago (i.e. If the current month is December 2020, this shows the total of selected activities for the month of November 2019)

Note: The 'Date' filter from the right hand side panel does not affect the numbers above.

💡 Did you know? Each dashboard in Vincere Intelligence has its own set of filters so you can drill-down to see exactly what you need. Apply filters from the right hand side panel. Learn more about pre-built filters for Goals Dashboard.

Table View: Overview of each consultant’s performance for each Goal set.


  1. Each column represents a Goal.

  2. T = Target

  3. A = Actual

  4. V = Variance

  5. Green = target achieved

  6. Red = target missed

❓ How can I setup or customize these Goals?

You can rename, activate Goals and set targets for each Consultants in the Goal Console (Head over to Settings > Goal Console > toggle on Activate Goal). Check out best practices & tips from our customers for setting up Goals here.

2. Goals - AI

Fees: measures Target Fees vs. Actual Fees and how far/close the business is from hitting the Fees target.

  1. Target: Total of Users’ Fees targets

  2. Actual: Total of Users’ Booked Fees. NOTE: This includes Profit splits of all original and renewed placements but does not include Retainers.

  3. Progress: The difference between Target Fees and Actual Fees (How much $$$ more your consultants need to make to hit the Fees target).

  4. Average Placement: average placement fees (Actual Fees ÷ Number of Placements Made)

Your Ratios over the last 12 months: measures the average ratios to placement of all Consultants (see how ratios work below 👇)

  1. New Job to Placement = Number of new jobs ÷ Number of Placements

  2. Sent to 1st Interview = Number of CV Sent ÷ Number of 1st interview

  3. CVs sent to Placement = Number of CV Sent ÷ Number of Placements

  4. First Interview to Placement = Number of 1st interview ÷ Number of Placements

  5. Contact Call to Placement = Number of contact calls ÷ Number of placements

  6. Contact Meeting to Placement = Number of contact meetings ÷ Number of placements

  7. Candidate Call to Placement = Number of candidate calls ÷ Number of placements

  8. Candidate Meeting to Placement =Number of candidate meetings ÷ Number of placements

❓ Where do these numbers come from?

The ratios over the last 12 months are based on the Applications by Stage report from the AI Coach dashboard:

  1. Placements: Includes original and renewed placements

  2. 1st Interview: Interview Arranged

  3. CVs Sent

  4. New Jobs

  5. Contact Calls: only includes activities related to:

  6. Contact Meetings: Meetings arranged (based on action date)

  7. Candidate Calls: only includes activities related to:

  8. Candidates Meetings: Meetings arranged (based on action date)

Table View: Overview of Actual vs. Target displayed in this format: Actual / Target


  1. Red: Actual < 75% of target

  2. Yellow: > = 75% of target

  3. Green: Actual > = Target

3. Benchmarks - Success Quadrant

Benchmark - Bubble Chart:

The Benchmarks weighs and visualizes Goal achievement against the Revenue achievement of each consultant.

Each consultant is represented by a bubble. The location of the bubble in relation to grid lines tells you how well that consultant is performing based on Goal/Revenue targets set.

X-axis = % Goal Target: how much of the Goal target has been achieved

Y-axis = % Revenue Target: how much of the Revenue/Fees target has been achieved


  1. Red: Less than 75% of revenue target

  2. Yellow: From 75% to 100% of revenue target

  3. Green: More than 100% of revenue target

  4. If the user hasn’t done any activity, the Goal target will be counted as 0%.

Key metrics:

  1. Top Performers(s): Consultants who have achieved both their Revenue and Goal targets (these consultants appear on the top right quadrant of the bubble chart)

  2. Inactive Performer(s): Consultants who have achieved their revenue targets but not their Goal targets (these consultants appear on the top left quadrant of the bubble chart)

  3. Active Underperformer(s): Consultants who have achieved their Goal targets but not their revenue targets (these consultants appear on the bottom right quadrant of the bubble chart)

  4. Inactive Underperformer(s): Consultants who have missed both Goal and revenue targets (these consultants appear on the bottom left quadrant of the bubble chart)

Table View:

  1. Consultant: Users with Revenue Target

  2. Revenue Target: Target in Goal Console number 44 - NFI / Fees / Margin | All

  3. Revenue Actual: Total Fees in Booked Fees (original placement, renewals and retainers)

  4. % Revenue Target: % of revenue target achieved

  5. % Goal Target: % of goal target achieved

  6. Status: Top Performer(s) | Inactive Performer(s) | Active Underperformer(s) | Inactive Underperformer(s)

  7. Team Leader: If the user is part of a team, it will show the manager of that team.

4. Report Data - Drill-Down Log:

Total Activities tab: List of all activities taken inside Vincere linked to Goals, including:

  1. Date

  2. Time

  3. Action User

  4. Activity

  5. Comment

  6. Candidate Name

  7. Job Name

  8. Company Name

  9. Contact Name

Note: This report doesn’t include activities linked to Aggregated Goals in the Goal Console:

Candidates/Jobs/Contacts/Companies tabs: These reports show unique number of records (candidates/jobs/contacts/companies), not the total activities


  1. Activities are displayed per entity (i.e. candidates tab will only show activities related to candidates). Each page shows up to 25 records.

  2. Revenue Goals 42 to 44 will not show in Report Data because these are not activities. In Report Data we only show placements. To see revenue users have to go to Booked Fees.

5. Report Data - By Entity:

Report Data - By Entity report measures the number of unique and active records (candidates, jobs, contacts, companies) that have an activity linked to a Goal.

  1. Total per entity: number of unique records (candidates/jobs/contacts/companies) that have an activity linked to a Goal.

  2. Active: number of unique records (candidates/jobs/contacts/companies) with active applications - application that has at least 1 candidate pending in one of the application stages (shortlisted to offer), not rejected nor deleted.

💡 Did you know? Reports can be exported to CSV / Excel files. Learn more about CSV Export.

  1. Filter the data you want to export using the Filters banner on the right hand side

  2. Click on the Green Excel button on the extreme top right corner of the dashboard.

Interested in learning more about Vincere Intelligence?

The Goals Dashboard is one of the most popular out-of-the-box dashboards in Vincere Intelligence. If you are not using Vincere Intelligence yet but would like to, we suggest joining our training to learn best practices and what’s new with Vincere Intelligence.

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