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Moving candidates down the pipeline
Moving candidates down the pipeline

Moving candidates down the recruitment pipeline is super easy. Here's a quick run-through of how you can do it. 

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After shortlisting candidates, you can follow the steps below to move the candidates along the pipeline:

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Additional Information:

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  • What happens when a candidate Accepts or Rejects an offer (click HERE)

1. Shortlisted to Sent

There are two ways you can move the candidates to the Sent stage:

  1. Moving the candidate(s) to the Sent stage by sending your client the LiveList™ (i.e move candidate AND send email to client)

  2. Moving the candidate to the Sent stage (i.e ONLY moves the candidate to Sent stage without actually sending an email to the client)

So basically, ask yourself this: Do I need to send a LiveList™?

A. Send candidates via LiveList Email

Note:This will email your client with your candidate/s' information

  1. Click on the Candidate icon on the left panel.

  2. Select Candidates by clicking the tick boxes next to their name.

  3. The actions bar will pull-down, Click Send under Application actions.

  4. Search and select the job name you want to send the candidates to in the CHOOSE JOB TO SEND CANDIDATES TO * section.

  5. Select your preference Yes if you want to send file attachments in the email or No if you want the files to be inside the Livelist but not attached in the email

  6. Click Next

  7. Select the Livelist information you want to send in the boxes presented

  8. Click next

  9. Select the email template but clicking the Choose email template button

  10. Click Send

  11. The Candidates you selected will be moved to the Sent stage for the job

The great thing about LiveList™ is that you can send candidates in bulk over to your clients. All your best candidates in one place for your clients.

Check out our article on LiveList™ HERE to learn more.

B. Move the candidate to the Sent stage with no emails.

Select the candidate and click Send - no email will be sent to the client.

  1. Click on the Candidate icon on the left panel.

  2. Click on the Shortlisted Chevron on the top of the page


  3. Click on the orange button to only see candidate in pending status of this stage.

  4. Select a Candidate by clicking the tick box next to their name.

  5. Wait for the Actions menu to open (it will open 3 panes).

  6. On the 3rd pane, click on the Move to next stage box and select Sent.

  7. The candidate will be moved to Sent stage - no email will be sent to the client.

Note: This action can only be done one candidate at a time. At the moment, you will not be able to move multiple candidates at once to Sent.

2. Sent to 1st Interview

At this point, you should decide if you want to:

  1. Simply move the candidate to 1st Interview stage OR

  2. Move the candidate and send interview schedule (via email)

Ask yourself this: Do I need to send the interview schedule?

A. With interview schedule - Send an email to the client and candidate

When sending emails, it will contain the details below:

  1. Interview schedule - This will show the timezone, and timeslot as well as the job location and person to contact
    You can also select or deselect the recipient of the email

  2. Email to candidate - These contents will be sent to the candidate

  3. Email to client - Contents can be edited and sent to the client/contact

  4. Email template - You can select the email template you want to use

  5. Attachment - You can select the files from those uploaded in the file tab of the job linked to the interview

  6. Email Contents

B. With interview schedule - without sending an email to the client or the candidate:

C. Without an interview schedule

Once you’ve chosen the right candidate, just select the checkbox next to it and a pop-out will appear prompting you to take an action > Click 1st Interview

3. 1st interview to 2nd+ interview

To move applications from the 1st interview stage, in the Vincere pipeline, click the amber number representing the pending applications in this stage:

If an interview schedule has been sent, you'll first need to mark the interview as complete before moving it to the next stage.

Note: At this stage, you can also Reschedule or Cancel the interview:

Select Complete Interview and then go to the “Move to next stage” drop down and select the 2nd+ interview to move to the 2nd interview stage.

What If there are more than 2 interviews in your process?

Actions will allow you to send out interview information to the pending candidate without moving the candidate to the offer stage.

If you need to schedule more than 2 interviews, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the 2nd+ Interview stage/Chevron.

  2. Click on the pending candidates by clicking the orange number in the stage.

  3. Select the Candidate by clicking the tick box next to their name.

  4. Wait for the Actions menu to open (it will open 3 panes)

  5. On the 3rd pane, if you have a scheduled interview, click Complete interview and leave a note, then Save.

  6. Click on the Move to next stage box and select 2nd+ Interview.

  7. Answer the prompt Do you want to add an interview schedule now?.

    1. Yes if you want to set a date and time and send out emails to both the client and candidate.

    2. No if you just want to move the candidate to the Interview stage and schedule the date for later.

  8. Once this is done, the candidate will be scheduled for the next round of Interview.

Note you can choose either option to move the application to the next interview stage:

Once you've done that, you can use the interview round column to track the number of interviews that the application is currently on.

4. 2nd+ interview to Offer

We're getting closer to making that placement... ready to make an offer?

Just like with the first interview, you need to ensure that the interview is completed before being able to move them to offer.

Select Complete Interview and then go to the “Move to next stage” drop down and select the Offers to move to the Offers stage.

NOTE: If an offer approval is required, you will see the following action:

Select 'Request Approval from <USER> and you'll be notified once the approval has been approved.

Or, if you need to speed things up, use VinnyChat to give your approver a ping and get the offer approved quickly. 😉

5. Offer to Placed

Yess...we're only one click away from $$$.

If you've moved the candidates through the stages, I'm sure you're familiar with what to do by now...

Select the candidate and go to the “Move to next stage” dropdown and select Placed

🔥 PRO TIP: You can now see all the ID numbers related to the placement, meaning it is clearer than ever to know exactly what is going on inside your placements

You can now see:

  1. Application ID

  2. Placement ID

  3. Candidate ID

  4. Job ID

This is ideal for being able to easily know which applications, placements, candidates, and jobs are linked together.


Fun fact: Did you know that you're using the only recruitment CRM on the market that shows you 'What's next'. Vincere gets rid of all clutter & noise by showing you the next relevant action you can take, so you're always one step closer to making that placement. 

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