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Candidate LiveList™

The LiveList™ puts all Candidate-related information and CVs into one easily accessible online portal for your Clients to review

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1. What is the LiveList™?

The LiveList™ is a fully-branded microsite for your Clients. Use it on a per-job basis, or as a smart way to spec Candidates to Clients. The LiveList™ gives your Clients everything they need to see in one place.

Why use the LiveList™?

  1. To pitch for better business: a retainer / higher fees / an exclusive

  2. The LiveList™ is YOUR product to sell to Clients.

    • Client experience: easy to use, 24/7 access. One centralized dashboard for the job. Be the easiest recruiter to work with!

    • Control: you decide what Client sees and where your Candidate data goes.

    • Differentiate your brand: make it a unique service you offer.

2. Setting up and Configuring the LiveList™

You can choose the columns you want to show in the LiveList™ from Admin Settings > LiveList™ Settings.

For more information on how to configure the LiveList™ settings, check out this article.

3. How to send Candidates via the LiveList™

First, select some great Candidates that you’d like to send to your Client. Once you’ve found them, all you need to do is tick them, go to Actions and hit Send. A pop-up will appear prompting you to select the Job you’d like to send to and whether or not you’d like to send with attachments.

Next, the system will populate email template 10 (you can edit this template in Settings > Email Templates).

Here, you can add in additional recipients, edit the body of the email, select documents (or attach new ones) and even choose to make the Candidates' names/employers hidden or visible.

If you need to attach multiple documents, click in to the File name column and add as many Candidate documents as you need.

Once happy, simply hit Send!

Your Client will receive something a little like this straight to their inbox.

All you Client has to do is click the "View Candidates" button where they’ll be directed to the LiveList™ for this job. All your Candidates in one place. Simple.

4. What do my Clients see on the LiveList™ ?

Your Clients can initiate interviews / rate Candidates / message your recruiter and even forward the list internally to someone on your team. They can also filter Candidates using the options along the top.

Watch this video to see the LiveList™ in action for your Clients:

The LiveList™ is also responsive across multiple devices including mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Resumes also dynamically adapt and open in full screen for an optimized view.

5. Want to send great Candidates for a non-active job?

If you would like to spec Candidates for a non-active job you can go through a similar process as sending a Livelist™, except this time after you choose your Candidate(s) you select Float to Contact. For more information on how to float/spec a Candidate click HERE.

When your Contact receives the floated LiveList™ they will only be able to see their own email address plus the list of great Candidates you sent their way.

If you would like to send to multiple Contacts involved in a distribution list, the steps are the same: just choose "Float to distribution list" instead.

Once floated, you will be able to view the LiveList™ from the Contact's profile!

6. LiveList™ FAQs:

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the LiveList™ HERE.

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