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How to send Candidates to the LiveList™

First, select some great Candidates that you’d like to send to your Client. Once you’ve found them, all you need to do is tick them go to Actions and hit Send. A pop-out will appear prompting you to select the Job you’d like to send to and whether or not you’d like to send with attachments.

Next, the system will populate email template 9 (you can edit edit this template in the email templates section of Vincere by going to Settings)

Here, you can add in additional recipients, edit the body of the email, select documents (or attach new ones) and even choose to make the Candidates names/employer hidden or visible. Once happy, simply hit Send! 

Your client will receive something a little like this straight to their inbox. 

All you client has to do is click the ‘View Candidates’ green button where they’ll be directed to the LiveList™ for this job. All your candidates in one place. Simple. 

Let’s look at the LiveList™ in action:

The LiveList™ allows your client to easily see a list of all Candidates and CVs that you have shortlisted for a particular job. 

Let’s look at the Actions button.  Here, your client can Arrange interviews, Reject candidates, message your you, Keep in view or even rate these candidates. They can also forward this live list internally to other colleagues. Your clients can also filter these candidates using the options along the top. 

If you as the recruiter would like to get back to this Live List, simply head to the jobs view and click the ‘View in LiveList™’ button. 

The LiveList™ is your personalised, transparent, and intuitive candidate dashboard allowing you to seamlessly collaborate AND communicate effectively with your clients - eliminating those important candidates getting lost in email chains. 

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