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Offer accepted / rejected

What happens when your candidate accepts or rejects an offer?

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When you make an offer in Vincere (read more about how to do this HERE), you can choose to send the Vincere default email template which has two clickable options for your candidate to choose between:

But what actually happens when your candidate chooses to accept or reject the role using these buttons?

Firstly, the candidate will be directed a page that shows this:

As a recruiter, you will receive an email to notify you:

At this point you can then go back into the application in Vincere, and either move your candidate to Placed if they accepted (see HERE) or reject them from the process (see HERE).

β€‹πŸ’‘ TOP TIP: Don't want to use the email template with the Accept & Reject buttons? Click HERE to find out how to change these templates.

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