Yess...we're only one click away from $$$.

If you've moved the candidates through the stages, I'm sure you're familiar with what to do by now...

Select candidate > Move to next stage > Placed > Actions > Move to Placed Stage

PRO TIP: You can now see all the ID numbers related to the placement, meaning it is clearer than ever to know exactly what is going on inside your placements

You can now see:

  1. Application ID
  2. Placement ID
  3. Candidate ID
  4. Job ID

This is ideal for being able to easily know which applications, placements, candidates, and jobs are linked together.


Fun fact: Did you know that you're using the only recruitment CRM on the market that shows you 'What's next'. Vincere gets rid of all clutter & noise by showing you the next relevant action you can take so you're always one step closer to making that placement. 

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