Rejecting candidates couldn't be easier inside Vincere. You can perform this action from the shortlisted stage onwards. You can reject individual candidate or also bulk candidate rejections too. 

  1. Individual Candidate Reject - simply check the box next to the Candidate (in a pending application)
  2. Hit Reject Candidate 
  3. You'll be prompting to Reject Candidate to ensure you're happy with this action. 

When rejecting Candidate(s) on Shortlist or Sent chevrons you will see the below message. 

When rejecting Candidate(s) on 1st/2nd Interview chevrons you will see the below message. This includes an option to send thank you letters and reason for any outstanding interview cancellations. 

When you reject a candidate from the Offered stage, you can select the reason for rejection as shown below:

Please note that you cannot reject a candidate once they have been placed, you can either move them to the previous stage or terminate the contract.

2. Placement details Bulk Reject - once you've met the headcount for your job when you make a placement, you'll be prompted with a message asking if you'd like to reject all outstanding applications - yes or no.

Easy workflow wins #TheVincereWay 💯

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