Email templates are a great way to save time. They are pre-written and automatically generate when you take certain actions inside Vincere.

NOTE: Vincere will never send an email before asking you whether you want to or not, and you can always edit the template before you hit send.

Where to find email templates and how are they categorized

Go to Settings >Email Templates (Whether you will see this will depend on your User Permissions)

On the left hand side you will see that the templates are broken down into clear categories.

🔥TOP TIP:To view a list of all of the email templates that Vincere offers (and that can all be configured) check out this document)

How to know which template corresponds to which action

When you perform an action in Vincere that results in an email being sent, you will see the email template popup. Simply click the green "Choose email template" button

You will then see the corresponding email template number - you now know which template needs to be configured for that particular action.

How to configure the templates

Once you know which template you want to configure, either edit an existing template or just hit the green add (+) button to add a new template. Create a name for your template and click Save.

You can then create your template similarly to how you use Word - changing fonts, size, colour etc to match your branding.

You can create multiple templates for consultants to choose between based on branding, or to have multiple options - just repeat the process and name the templates accordingly.

To set the template as default, just press the star next to the one you would like to be default if you users do not select a different one.

Wildcards: These are placeholders which automatically populate information from fields you are already completed in Vincere, for example Candidate Name, to save you typing it out manually. You can find them on the right hand side, and they vary slightly depending on which template you are configuring.

To use a wildcard, just click on it - please note you cannot create your own wildcard, you can only use the ones available in the list.

Images & Links: When you add in images and hyperlinks to your templates, please ensure to add them using the toolbox option - this will ensure they format correctly.


Finally, it’s important to be aware that the different system language options you have inside Vincere can all have different email templates for the same email – you can see which language you’re editing an email template for in the top right corner of the email template page. 

If your users have Vincere set to different languages, you will need to ensure you configure the templates in the relevant languages so that they can see the templates.

Alternatively, make sure that everyone is using the same system language so that you don’t need to worry about editing the templates for multiple languages.

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