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A Company is an organisation where you place Candidates in Jobs. All of your Contacts and Jobs inside Vincere have to be associated with a Company.

All Company information in Vincere is searchable -  the more Company information you add, the higher the chances that you'll be able to place a great Candidate into the perfect role. Because of this, we recommend that you fill out as much information as possible when adding a new Company. 

When adding a Company, Vincere will provide you with a drop-down box of Companies that match the characters that you've entered into the Company Name field. If you try and add a Company that's already inside Vincere, you won't be able to save the new record: this helps you ensure that your database is accurate and easy to use as it grows. 

  1. Click on the ‘Add’ (‘+’) button next to the search bar and then select ‘Company'

2. Fill in as much detail as possible about your new company 

3. Hit 'Save' to save the profile or 'Save & View' to head straight over to your shiny new company.

Easy Peasy, right? #TheVincereWay 🤩

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