To add a new Job, click on the ‘Add’ (‘+’) button next to the search bar and then select ‘Job'. 

The first action that you can take when adding a Job is to attach a file to the Job record. This would typically be a Job description, and can easily be attached to an email to a Candidate who gets shortlisted to the Job later.  

The fastest way to create a Job inside Vincere is to use the ‘Copy Job’ function. When you use the Copy Job function, you can directly copy a Job record that is already inside the system: the only detail about the Job that you can change from the new Job form is the name of the Job.

For example, the compensation information of the Job, and the Company and Contact that the Job is connected to, will be the same. You can edit all of this information once the copied Job has been created.

All Jobs must be attached to both a Company and a Contact, and must also have a name. As you enter the name of the Company, Vincere will give you a drop down a list of Companies inside your system that match the name of the Company that you’re entering into the Company name field. 

If the Company is not inside the system yet, by creating the Job you will be creating a new Company record. This works in the same way when selecting the Contact to attach the Job to: after clicking the Contact name field, you will see a drop down list of all the Contacts who are working for the Company that you have selected. 

If the Contact is not yet inside the system, by creating the Job you will also create a new Contact at the Company. 

The next field is the Job Title field: as with the Company and the Contact field, you’ll see a list of Jobs already inside your system that match the name of the Job that you’re entering. This is to prevent you from entering the same Job into the system twice.

After the job title field is the Job address field. By default this will be populated by the address of the Company that the Job is connected to. If you want to enter a different address for the Job – because the work will be in a different office, or another one of the Company’s locations is not yet inside your system, simply fill in the new address. After you save the Job, the address that you have placed will be added as a new address on the company. 

🔥PRO TIP: Make sure you Google Geotag this Location too so you can radius search later on via the Vincere search function. Check out here to Geotag here

Next it's time to configure job credentials such as type, salary, forecast fee etc.

Next, you can start to tag your new Job correctly. Easily add in any relevant Industries, Functional Expertise and Sub-functional Expertise - and you can easily search these too using Vincere Search. You can add more than 1 'tag' in completely different disciplines. 

🔥PRO TIP: These are all fully configurable by your Vincere Super Users. Check out how to do it here

The next field is the Job owner field. By default, this will be the person who creates the Job, but multiple owners can be added to the same Job and the Job creator doesn’t need to be one of these owners. 

The Job owner is the person who the Job’s forecast will be allocated to and will be the person who receives a notification of an application for the Job from an external source.

You can also add any Job Skills/Keywords (these work in the same way as 'tags' as mentioned above and any relevant notes relevant the job.  

The 'Notify Users' field allows you to send a notification to other Vincere users that the Job has been created. A user who is tagged in this field will receive a system notification telling them that the Job has been created – this is one of the many ways in which Vincere can enhance and speed up internal communication.

Finally you can also add rating questions to a Job. Once you’ve shortlisted Candidates to a Job, you can rate them against the competencies that you’ve added in the new Job form – this can help you work out which Candidates are strongest for a Job and should be sent to your Client.

Before creating the Job you can even shortlist Candidates directly into the Job so that they’re ready to action immediately after you save the role (a real time saver!).

If you do this, you’ll be taken into the Advanced Search portal for Candidates, where you can immediately drill down and find potentially suitable Candidates for the role. After finding these Candidates, select them and press ‘Shortlist to Job’. These Candidates will now be in the shortlisted stage after you save the Job.  

After finalising all of these details, you can click either Save or Save and View which will bring you to the Job that you have just created.

It's raining jobs in Vincere #TheVincereWay  ☔️

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