1. Click on the ‘Add’ (‘+’) button next to the search bar and then select ‘Contact’

2. Upload a file if relevant and then fill in your new Contacts details:

  • Company Name (acts as a search field to see if this company already exists in your system - if not, a new Company will be created too).

  • Personal Details

  • Work Address (You can choose from the existing Work Addresses, or add a new Work Address if needed)

  • Job Title

  • Primary email and phone number

3. Next, you can start to tag your new Contact correctly. Easily add in any relevant Industries, Functional Expertise and Sub-functional Expertise

🔥 PRO TIP: These are all fully configurable by your Vincere Super Users.

4. Add in LinkedIn & Xing profiles

5. Any notes

6. By default, the creator will be the Contact Owner however you can easily tag your colleagues

7. Once you’re happy, hit ‘Save’ (to add the Contact to your database) or ‘Save and View’ (to add the Contact to your database and go to their full Contact record).

#TheVincereWay 🙌

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