Introducing Velocity

Velocity is a third-party Chrome extension that works with LinkedIn, Xing and Vincere to accelerate your online sourcing.

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Want to know whether or not a LinkedIn profile is already in your database as a Candidate/Contact, edit a profile that's already in your database without having to leave LinkedIn or even shortlist Candidates directly to a job? 

If yes, you need this in your life - and you're going to LOVE Velocity.

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How to download Velocity:

  1. Head to Vincere Marketplace (from Settings) and select 'Concilio Velocity'.

Don't have access to the Marketplace? No problem, click here to go direct to the ChromeStore page.

The extension will automatically download and install into your Chrome browser. Once you’ve added Velocity to Chrome you’re ready to get connected.  

2. Head to your Chrome browser extension and make sure that Velocity is always pinned.

How to connect your account:

  1. Select the Velocity Extension

  2. Click on 'Connect to Vincere'

  3. Input your login details (your email address and password in Vincere)

5. You'll see the circle spin (as it will authenticate and connect to your Vincere account)
6. Once it's successfully connected, the tab will automatically close.
7. Now, refresh the LinkedIn tab.
8. You should see Velocity load against the record's name

How to use Velocity:

Go to Xing, LinkedIn or Github, and choose a person you would like to bring across. You will notice the Vincere icon light up in the corner of your screen.

Click on the extension and Connect to Vincere. Now sign in using your Vincere account email and password - or if you’re already signed into Vincere on Chrome this will automatically log you in.  

Go back and refresh the browser and presto, you’re ready to start sourcing. 

Let’s take a look at how this works on LinkedIn. Note: the same process will apply to Github and Xing.

With the X or orange/blue person icon indicators, users can instantly see which Candidates or Contacts already exist inside Vincere.

If you see a red cross next to a profile, it means this person is not inside your database yet. Decide if this person is a contact, candidate or potentially both. You can even update profiles easily without having to leave this page.

See the orange icon above? This person is a candidate we’ve just added inside Vincere. Velocity tells you if the record in Vincere is a Candidate, a Contact or both, just by looking at the icon. You can also have the person be a candidate and a contact as well, the option to do so is right next to the option create a candidate at the bottom of the profile.

The icon half blue half orange indicates that this person is now a candidate and a contact in Vincere.

To jump directly to the newly created record, click ‘View in Vincere’ This will also apply to a newly created contact as well.

Take this further by shortlisting a candidate directly to one or multiple jobs right here from their profile. At the bottom, you will see a section for you to shortlist the candidate right to the job even before adding in Vincere.

Once the job has been added, the candidate will be shortlisted for the job right away!

Velocity is your secret weapon - designed to streamline your sourcing AND your business. 

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