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Talent Pools for Candidates
Talent Pools for Candidates

Talent Pools are groups of Candidates which allow you to action in bulk

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1. Creating Talent Pools:

Talent Pools are groups of Candidates that allow you to action in bulk – for example, sending mass emails, shortlisting, or sending them to Jobs.

You can create talent pools easily by clicking on the quick add button at the top of the screen, select ‘Talent pool’.

Here, you can add a name and set up group permissions.

  • Private: If you want to be the only person who can access this talent pool

  • Public: If you want everyone in the system to be able to access it

  • Share with specific persons: If you only want to share it with selected persons only

  • After you’ve set up your Talent Pool, awesome, good work! Now you can start adding Candidates straight into it.

Once you’re happy and all set, you can either click Save or Save & View, which pulls you through to the talent pool that you have just created.

To view your TalentPools, head over to your Vincere side menu and click on Talent Pools.

You can also access them from within the Candidate pipeline view.

Here, you will have the option to Pin, Edit or delete the Talentpools

2. Deleting Talent Pools:

  1. Click Talent Pool

  2. Click on the edit icon next to the Talent Pool you want to delete.

3. Click on the Delete icon

4. You will see a confirmation screen. Select 'Delete' to confirm the delete action.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a Talent Pool is deleted, this action cannot be undone.

‘What happens if I delete a shared Talent Pool?’

All users of that shared Talent Pool will be notified of the deletion via email.

In this case, if you are Cherry, and you hit Delete, both Karen and GJ will be notified via email.

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