Inside Vincere did you know you can search and filter across Last Activity Date of a Candidate or a Contact. 

Last Activity Date includes: 

  • Last Comment 

  • Last Task 

  • Last Meeting 

  • Last stage date move i.e. Shortlisted to Sent 

  • Last email (see note below)

NOTE: Only emails sent using the Actions in Vincere, will be recorded as a last activity. Last activity will not include emails send directly from Outlook or Gmail. If you send an email to a contact or a candidate from another source of actions in Vincere, it will not be counted

You can view this column in both the Candidate ATS/Contact CRM table view and the Advanced Search 

You can hover over each activity where you'll instantly see a quick summary timestamped with the action and who completed it:

To toggle this column on, head to custom columns and search for 'last activity date'.

You can also filter last activity by date. 

You can do this from the Candidate ATS/ Contact CRM view as above - in addition to this you can also use this functionality in the Advanced Search too. 

🔥 Last activity date is now tracked across all Companies/Contacts/Candidates/Jobs providing visibility of communication across all areas.

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