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Seamlessly searching for Candidates and Contacts
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Inside Vincere did you know you can search and filter across the Last Activity Date of a Candidate, Contact, Company, or Job.

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1. Companies and Jobs:

Set your columns to see the Last activities for your Jobs and Companies:

Last Activity for Companies and Jobs includes:

  • Last Activity Date of Company - The last activity date of latest updated Contact.

  • Last Activity Date of Job - When a candidate moves to a new stage that is related to that Job

2. Contacts and Candidates:

You can view this column in both the Candidate ATS/Contact CRM table view and the Advanced Search

You can hover over each activity where you'll instantly see a quick summary timestamped with the action and who completed it:

To toggle this column on, head to custom columns and search for 'last activity date'.

You can also filter last activity by date.

Last Activity Date for Contacts and Candidates includes:

  • Last Comment

  • Last Task

  • Last Meeting

  • Last stage date move i.e. Shortlisted to Sent

  • Last email (see note below)

IMPORTANTE NOTE: Only emails sent using the Actions in Vincere, will be recorded as a last activity. Last activity will not include emails sent directly from Outlook or Gmail. If you send an email to a contact or a candidate from another source of actions in Vincere, it will not be counted

3. Searching Last Activity in Advanced Search:

Finding contacts / candidates based on Last Activity dates gives you the opportunity to target contacts and re-engage them.

You can easily get segmented lists using Advanced Search.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Advanced Search

  2. If you'd like to search for Candidates, select the Candidate tab

3. If you're searching for Contacts, select the Contact tab

4. Click into the search bar and search 'Last activity'. Click into the field suggestion to select.

5. Using the date picker, select BEFORE or AFTER depending on your needs.

6. Feel free to add more filters / key words into the Search string if you have a specific list in mind.

Here are some examples:

  • All Contacts with Last Activity Before Dec 2018 AND Contact Owner

  • All Contacts with Last Activity Before Dec 2018 AND Industry

  • All Contacts with Last Activity Before Dec 2018 AND After Dec 2017 AND Stage

You could even drill down from your Distribution List like so:

๐Ÿ”ฅPRO TIP: Last activity can be found in the Profile Headers of all entities (Contacts, Candidates, Jobs, And Companies)

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