Vincere offers out-of-the box support and synchronisation for email accounts hosted by Office 365 and Gmail. This supports email and two way calendar sync. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE : We only support Office 365 emails hosted on the Microsoft Servers. We do not support Emails hosted outside of the Microsoft domain, including Office 365 subscriptions hosted in special cloud environments* 

Your email is the heart of your business, which is why you can connect your email account to Vincere and send and receive messages from inside the system. Once you’ve connected your email, Vincere automatically attaches messages from Clients and Candidates to their records – so you don’t need to worry about losing important information, or waste your time with tedious data entry.

  1. You can connect your email from the user settings on the upper right side of the system. 

⛔️Important: Please note we're unable to provide technical support for any other provider that isn't Office 365 or Gmail. This includes
Office 365 subscriptions hosted in special cloud environments.

We currently have customers in over 50 countries globally and are simply unable to troubleshoot other mail systems (other than Office 365 and Gmail) as individual settings can vary per email account so we'd have no way to support this on an individual basis. Any email issues for 'other mail system' would need to be investigated with your email hosting service. 

It is difficult for us, or any vendor, to support other mail systems as we don't know how your IT provider has set up your email system. There could be a myriad of variables as to how IMAP/Pop3 is setup, which makes it impossible for us to troubleshoot. 

If you're using another mail system we'd strongly suggest to move over to either Office 365 (Microsoft servers web based) or Gmail which is supported by Vincere out-of-the-box. This means that the sync will happen instantly for you and all emails and calendar items will be tracked. 95% of our customers switch to these platforms if they are using Vincere or another similar CRM to ours- it is a quick process and means that you'll be up and running fast.

 Pro tip 🤓

You can also add your email signature to Vincere so that every email you send from the system is personalised and properly branded. 

 Easy Peasy. 

#TheVincereWay 😃

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