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Connecting your Emails to Vincere
Connecting your Emails to Vincere

Seamlessly connecting your emails

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Vincere offers out-of-the box support and synchronisation for email accounts.

Your email is the heart of your business, which is why you can connect your email account to Vincere and send and receive messages from inside the system. Once you’ve connected your email, Vincere automatically attaches messages from Clients and Candidates to their records – so you don’t need to worry about losing important information, or waste your time with tedious data entry.

  1. You can connect your email from the User Settings on the upper right side of the system. 

2. Look for the Email Settings section and connect your email.

3. Click Email Type and choose your correct email provider.

If you have Outlook click HERE for assistance with enabling 2FA.

For IMAP / MS Exchange accounts, you will need to fill in other fields provided ie. server host. Kindly reach out to your email administrators for the information required.

2-way calendar sync is not available for emails connected via Imap connection

Once successfully connected, Vincere syncs your email and calendar to the system.

To access your emails, head to the sidebar menu and look for Email.

To access your calendar, look for the Calendar icon from the sidebar menu.

Still having issues connecting?

If you are having trouble connecting please clear your cache and try again or attempt to connect in an incognito browser.

NOTE: Due to provider limitations, we currently do not support Office 365 operated by 21Vianet

Pro tip 🤓

You can also add your email signature to Vincere so that every email you send from the system is personalised and properly branded. 

If you are using Microsoft or Office 365 account, and you can't connect your emails, please refer to the help article here.

 Easy Peasy. 

#TheVincereWay 😃

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