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Troubleshooting Email Sync Issues
Troubleshooting Email Sync Issues

Emails not syncing? Learn how to troubleshoot & fix issues you might have with your email

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Troubleshooting Steps: 

1. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your email

Go to User Settings > Disconnect your email > Connect your email

If you have Outlook click HERE for assistance with enabling 2FA

If your connection status is “connection interrupted” kindly reach out to support.

2. Refresh your inbox

Go to Emails > Click on Refresh

3. Check to see if your issue still persists.

Most common issues with email are resolved simply by reconnecting and refreshing your inbox inside Vincere.

If the issue persists, reach out to us with the following details:

  1. Your name

  2. Your company

  3. Specific details of what the email issue is

  4. Screenshot or video recording wherever possible

Frequently asked Questions

"Why are my emails getting disconnected?"

This happens when there are security changes with your email account (e.g when the email client has made updates or you have made password changes). To keep your account safe and secure, your email sync may be disconnected.

When this happens, all you need to do to reauthorize your email.

⚠️ If you are using Office365, note this:

Email connections to Office 365 will expire automatically after 90 days. To ensure that your emails are synced to Vincere, you will have to disconnect and reconnect your emails to Vincere every 90 days or so.

This is not an issue specific to Vincere as other applications have also reported the same. We're currently investigating options to see what we can do on our end to fix this.

More Information on troubleshooting Outlook365 connection HERE

"My emails are not refreshing."

Vincere automatically refreshes your inbox once per day.

If you need to get the most up-to-date emails, use the refresh button to get Vincere to fetch your new emails.

“Why are my candidate or contact emails not showing in the profile”

These are the parameters that need to be met for the emails to sync to the profile. Please see the information below:

  1. Email must be the primary email of the candidate or Contact

  2. Email must be sent/received after the candidate or Contact has been created in Vincere

  3. Email should be in the Inbox/Sent items of your connected email (not in sub folders)

  4. Email should be visible in the Vincere Email tab's Inbox/sent items (If not, disconnect and reconnect it in the user settings and click refresh)

  5. Emails automatically refresh once every 24 hours since the last time the refresh button was used, so if the email is not yet synced, it might not have refreshed yet.

"Can I still Sync Emails I’ve sent to a candidate/contact before they were created in Vincere? "

Emails will only begin to sync to Vincere after the register date of the candidate/contact. Any emails sent/received prior to their profiles being created will not be synced, but you can add them as comments in the activity to keep a log of the email

"How do I prevent confidential emails from being synced in Vincere?"

You would need to select the Inbox/Sent items in the sync options in User settings screen. Once this is done, put all the confidential emails in a sub folder in your inbox/sent items on Gmail or outlook. This will prevent the emails from the sub folders from syncing into Vincere.

Best Practice tip: Avoid using your connected email address or Any registered user's email address as the primary email of a contact/candidate. This will prevent emails not linked to a contact/candidate from getting synced for other users to see.

"How do I remove confidential emails that have already been synced into the system from the contact/candidate profiles? "

Inside the Vincere Email, select the email/emails you want to delete from the system and Bulk actions and select Delete

How do I see the latest emails in my Outlook/Gmail in Vincere?

Emails automatically refresh once every 24 hours since the last time the refresh button was used, so if the email is not yet synced, it might not have refreshed yet. You can click on the refresh button in the email tab to sync the latest emails to your connected email address

How do I tell if an email is synced into a candidate/contact profile?

The icons will tell you if emails are linked to contacts (Blue), candidates (orange), or Both (Half orange, half blue) and it’s not linked to any profile if it’s blank

"Can I delete emails in Consolidated activities? "

Consolidated activities is a read-only display, so we won’t be able to delete any emails or activities recorded/synced here.

"I just sent an email. Why don’t I see it in candidate/contact activities?"

Emails are synced once every 24 hours, so the emails will not appear immediately, it will automatically appear after the next refresh.

You can also click on the refresh button to request the refresh from a queue.

"If I delete my emails inside Vincere, will it delete the email in my connected email's Inbox/sent items? "

Vincere only performs a one-way sync with emails. Deleting emails inside Vincere will only delete the email from inside Vincere (contact/candidate profile and Vincere email screen)

Vincere will not delete the emails from inside your connected email's inbox or sent items (Gmail, outlook, etc).

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