To check or reconnect your Outlook 365 emails to Vincere, follow these simple steps:

  1. From the top right-hand corner, click “User Settings” 

  2. Go to Email setting section

  3. Click the red “disconnect email” button

4. Make sure you have Office 365 selected as the email account
5. Now click on  ‘Connect email’
6. In the popup, enter your password

7. You’ll see an authorization confirmation like this:

8. Verify that your email is successfully connected to the right email address:

9. Try sending a test email from inside Vincere. Check to see if the sent email:

  • Is placed in your Outlook’s Sent Items box (like so)

  • Comes from your email address 

Here’s a quick video to guide you:

Still, experiencing issues?

If that still doesn’t work, we’re here for you:

Please start a chat with us by sharing:

  1. Screenshots

  2. Examples of the missing emails (from your inboxes)

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