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Welcome to Vincere! So glad to have you onboard.

To make sure you’re all set up for success, here’s a checklist of 10 steps to help you get started. Ready? 

1️⃣  Connect your emails to Vincere

No more flicking between tabs and windows. Get all your communications in one place. Sync your email and calendar to Vincere now. 

Once you’ve successfully connected your email, you’ll be able to create a candidate record directly from email. Here’s how.

2️⃣ Get Vincere Mobile App

Recruit anywhere, anytime. Whether you're standing in line for coffee, riding in a taxi or on a train, Vincere makes the perfect pocket companion.

3️⃣ Use VinnyChat

Communicate with your team from inside Vincere. VinnyChat is available on Vincere desktop AND the mobile app.

TOP TIP: keep things fun with Gifs & Emojis 😉

Here's a complete guide to VinnyChat: Let’s get to it!

4️⃣ Download Velocity

Want to know whether or not a LinkedIn profile is already in your database as a Candidate/Contact, edit a profile that's already in your database without having to leave LinkedIn or even shortlist Candidates directly to a job?

If yes, download Velocity - a must-have if you use LinkedIn. Learn more here.

5️⃣ Add Candidates

Want to start working on a job or get candidates into Vincere? Here are your options:

Want to add other records? 

6️⃣ Understanding the Pipeline

Want to move candidates down the pipeline, through the application stages? 

Here’s how you can easily get candidates from Shortlisted to Sent, through to interviews, offer and finally making the Placement.

7️⃣ Sending candidates? Use the LiveList™

A branded microsite to replace old-school Excel 'Progress Reports'.

Put all candidate related information (including CVs) into one easily accessible portal for your clients. Send one now.

8️⃣ Create Talent Pools & Distribution Lists

Hotlists? Tearsheets?

Basically, whatever you call them, now it’s time to learn how to create a segmented list of Candidates or Contacts. Think of these as groups or folders of Candidates and Contacts- a quick way to organise your records so you can take bulk actions in a snap.

9️⃣ How to search 101

Search within Resumes? Do it now.

Searching by location? Try Radius Search.

Need more candidates? Search externally:

Use Indeed Search and import candidates in one-click

Or use the dynamic duo: LinkedIn Search X Velocity.

Looking for more? Explore our full search capabilities here.

🔟 Tracking and managing activities

More activities = more placements.

Need to log a phone call, add notes (comments) about a call or a meeting?

🌟 Bonus: Sign up for webinars

The best thing about using Vincere is that we’re here every step of the way. 

Meet our Customer Success Team and learn the ins and outs of Vincere, live. We host complimentary webinars so make sure you join these sessions to get the most out of Vincere.

👉 Learn more about our webinars and sign up here.

If you’ve completed and worked through all of these steps inside Vincere, congratulations!...You’re on the right path to becoming a Vincere Champion. We are so proud of you! 🙌

As you start to work inside Vincere, be sure to take sure to check out your personalised Dashboard. It’s ready for you here. 

Good luck & happy recruiting! 💪

Oh, & make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest scoop on all things Vincere. Follow us now. 

OK - I’m ready for more. What’s next? 

#VinnyLovesYou 💗

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