What is the document builder?

Vincere's native document builder allows you to create beautifully branded documents to share with both your candidates and clients effortlessly. Vincere does the heavy lifting by seamlessly embedding wildcards (including custom) to create a range of documents to send out in minutes:

  • Formatted CVs/Resumes

  • Candidate Offers/Contracts

  • Candidate/Client Renewal Contracts

  • Client Proposals

  • Client Documents (i.e. NDA, TOB, MSA)

  • Client Booking

  • Interview doc-check declaration

  • Invoices (Sales/Purchase/Credit/Consolidated)

How to get started

  1. As a Super User head into Settings and then choose Document Builder:

2. Choose your brand and you will be presented with a range of document types:

3. You can then edit the pre-existing templates or create new ones from scratch. There are three main sections to configure:

  • Brands / Doc Types / Templates

  • Document main body

  • Wildcards

What are wildcards?

Wildcards are similar to mail-merge fields and automatically pull information from the system and place it in your document. This could be a Candidates education history or telephone number for example.

You can use the pre-set Vincere wildcards in your documents and call also create custom wildcards directly from custom fields inside the system for example reference numbers. You can view more on how to create custom field wildcards here.

When you've located your desired wildcards you simply need to move your cursor to the desired area of the document and click on the wildcard. This will then add this directly into the document:

Building your perfect documents

Now you know how to create your templates and insert wildcards you're ready to start building documents to perfection! You can start from scratch using the toolbox (pictured below) where you can create tables, images, hyperlinks etc, adjust formatting or if you'd prefer you can paste in a template from Word and just make small adjustments.

Here's some examples below of what you can create, but in reality, the possibilities are endless, we provide the tools for you to create your next masterpiece:

Struggling or need some extra support/ inspiration?

Feel free to book in a training session with one of our superstar trainers. In this session we'll guide you through every step of the process to ensure your templates are set up for success and even provide some ideas and recommendations. Reach out to us via our Help Center to book in your session.

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