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How to build Offer Contracts Template

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You can create, configure and send out your offer letters through Vincere. Plus your offer contracts seamlessly integrate with SignRequest to get document signed effortlessly. For more information on how to send documents to contacts using SignRequest click HERE.

You can create your own template from scratch or start with our provided templates by pressing Original Template. Take advantage of our wildcards which will automatically input information in for you every time you send out a document.

Head to Settings and hit Document Builder:

  1. Select offer contract from the document type dropdown

  2. Make sure to choose your correct brand e.g. Ace Recruitment

  3. Click the blue plus button, give your new template a name and hit save

  4. You can create as many different templates as you like, all with different brands, formats and wildcards.

We have a number of different offer contract templates to choose from depending on the type of placement you are making.

You can add things like logos, branding and formatting. If you're using brands you can also choose which brand this template will be associated with e.g. Ace Recruitment.

Once you finish hit Preview to get a view of what it will look like being sent out!


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