Groups can be found inside settings through Groups, Tags & Locations.

We have 4 types of Groups:

  • Brand

  • Team

  • Division

  • Branch


This is the main group for all your users, this is where you will be able to control the TAGS that they can use for grouping / profiling your profiles in the system. (Industries, Sub-industries, Functional expertise and Sub-functional expertise) All new industries & functional expertise you create should be added in this group as well, so that users may be able to access them.


Teams are used for grouping your users and giving them the ability to filter the candidates / jobs open inside Vincere by their team. Analytics stats for the members can be viewed by the manager assigned to the team easily by filtering it by team. 

🔥PRO TIP: A team's manager will be able to access their respective teams planner / calendar:


Divisions doesn’t have much of a difference from a team, but is used for different departments of your office. For example, if you have a finance team and have a license in Vincere for them. You can use the division to separate them from your other users inside Vincere.


For more details on Branch, click here.

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