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Consolidated Sales and Purchase Invoice Builder
Consolidated Sales and Purchase Invoice Builder

How to create a Consolidated Invoice Template

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Consolidated invoices are ideal if you need to send multiple invoices at the same time to a client. This results in less paperwork for the client and more efficiency for both sides. Spend less time invoicing and more time making placements.

This article is designed to help you build a custom Invoice document template. For more information on the configuration of consolidated invoices in our pay and bill section please click HERE.

Head to Settings and hit Document Builder:


  1. Choose the correct brand

  2. Select Consolidated sales or purchase invoice from the document type dropdown

  3. Click the blue plus button, give your new template a name, and hit save

  4. You can create your own template from scratch or start with our provided templates by pressing Original Template.

  5. You can create as many different templates as you like, all with different brands, formats, and wildcards.

For more information on Wildcards please click HERE.

Once You finish hit Preview to get a view of what is being sent out!

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