Head over to the Candidate's profile > Onboarding tab > Doc Checks and you will see the list of documents that are required from the Candidates.

Check out this article for more information on how to set up different types of Document Checks.

If you use the Engagement Hub, these documents will show in the candidate portal as needing to be uploaded. If the candidate uploads them to the portal,  the documents will show in the files tab of the candidate profile. If you do not use the Candidate Portal, users can manually upload the documents.

To request the document from the candidate, select the document and click Actions > Request Onboarding Doc Check:


 There is a new document type in the Document Builder called “Interview Doc Check Declaration”:

 When you are arranging a 1st interview, you will see the option to send the doc check declaration to the client:

You can now clearly see the onboarding documents from within the placement page, meaning it is clear when you still require more documents from your candidate.

From here, you can review the document, request verification (read more about document verification HERE), or upload an additional document, or if you haven’t yet received the document from the candidate you can request it from this page too.








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