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Onboarding Document Verification
Onboarding Document Verification

Assign users to verify candidates' documents ✔️

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Not only you can upload documents, but you can also assign verifiers! Here's how:

In Settings > User Management > Select a User > Permissions > Others, you can turn the permission on or off for whether you would like that user to be able to verify documents:

In Settings > Admin Settings > Document Settings > Documents & Checks > Document Type, you can then configure the verifiers for each document type:

NOTE: If a document has more than one possible verifier, only one of these people is required to verify the document (not all of them). Only documents uploaded after a verifier has been selected for that document type will require verification.

When in a job, you can then choose which documents you’d like to be required for the placed stage. You can see the number of verifiers for each document and can hover over this number to see the names of the verifiers.

You can enable reminder emails to remind your verifiers to verify the documents in Settings > Admin Settings >Document Settings > Onboarding Doc Check:

In the Files Library in the Pay and Bill tab you can now see a few things. Firstly, we have 4 filterable columns related to verification:

  • Verified Status

  • Verified Date

  • Verifier

  • Verified By

Lastly, we have added an action to the File Library - you can select a file and choose “View/Verify documents” from the pop-out menu.

NOTE: Only users selected as verifiers in Admin Settings will be able to verify the documents.

You will then be given the option to approve or reject the documents.

Once approved, you will see this message, telling you when the document was approved, who by, the notes that were left by the approver, and you will have the option to Un-approve.

You can clearly see in the applications table whether documents have been received and verified.

These two columns will assist you:

  1. Requested Docs - to see how many documents that are requested have been submitted

  2. Verified Docs - to see how many of those documents have been verified

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