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How to create a formatted resume template

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The right resume format will grab your Client’s attention immediately and make it clear that you’re sending the best candidates for the job. This can be fully branded to follow your company's house style. For more information on how to send the formatted resume click HERE.

Creating a Resume/CV Template is super easy in Vincere. Follow the steps below to seamlessly create formatted and fully branded CVs.

Head to Settings and hit Document Builder:

You can create your own template from scratch or start with our provided template by pressing Original Template. Take advantage of our wildcards which will automatically input information for you every time you create a document.

What are wildcards?

Wildcards are similar to mail-merge fields and automatically pull information from the system and place it in your document. This could be a candidate's education history or telephone number for example.

You can use the pre-set Vincere wildcards in your documents and can also create custom wildcards directly from custom fields inside the system for example reference numbers. You can view more on how to create custom field wildcards HERE.

So let's get started in creating your first template:

  1. Hit Create new template

  2. Make sure to choose your correct brand e.g. Your Brand

  3. Give your new template a name and hit save

  4. You can create as many different templates as you like, all with different brands, formats and wildcards.

Now you've got your shiny new template and all the wildcards you'll ever need. Get designing! You can add things like logos, branding, formatting and of course your handy little Wildcards. Like the image example below, aside from Your Brand, you can select, Digital Marketing:

Hit preview at any time to preview your new masterpiece!

Once you've had a play around and built your template following your company brand, your finished template might look something like this.

This will save your consultants valuable time so they can start making more placements!


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