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Candidate/Client renewal contract builder
Candidate/Client renewal contract builder

Building a template to make renewals more efficient

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It is easy money to continue renewing a candidate that has already been in the system and attached to a client previously. For more information on how to renew a contract click HERE.

With the Candidate/Client Renewal contract builder you can do this with the click of a few buttons. Increase your renewal rates and efficiency by using a customized template. To create the template start with the following steps:

Head to Settings and hit Document Builder:

Next you can go ahead and start building your renewal template. You can create your own template from scratch or start with our provided templates by pressing Original Template. Take advantage of our wildcards which will automatically input information in for you every time you send out a document.

What are wildcards?

Wildcards are similar to mail-merge fields and automatically pull information from the system and place it in your document. This could be a Candidates education history or telephone number for example.

πŸ”₯ PRO TIP: You can create an Extension/Renewal letter for Subcontractors or Employees using our original templates:

Once You finish hit Preview to get a view of what it will look like being sent out!

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