We have added in a feature in Vincere where you can send documents directly to a client at any stage in the process - perfect for sending over those all important Terms of Business.

Firstly, in the Document builder we have added in a new template that can be configured called Business Contact Document. This can be configured by admins from Settings > Document Builder

To send a document to the contact, go to Actions either by selecting the contact in the contact table, or by hitting the actions button within the profile. Then press “Send document”


When you send a new document you can then configure the email options, choosing send Vincere email, choose which email template you’d like to use, setup the document, and hit send:


Pro Tip: You can configure the email template in Settings > Email Templates > Template Number 103.

Where can I find my documents after I've sent them?

When using Vincere email to send a document to a client, you can find the email in the emails tab of the contact and the company


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