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Client Booking Builder

How to build a Client Booking Template

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You can send out booking confirmations to your client, direct from the Applications page - perfect for temporary placements!

This document can be configured and customized with your Logo and so much more by administrators.

Head to Settings and hit Document Builder:

Next you can go ahead and start building your Client Booking template by selecting it in the document type dropdown. You will need to use the wildcards which will pull information into the template automatically from your account (e.g. #CandidateInformation.FirstName#)

What are wildcards?

Wildcards are similar to mail-merge fields and automatically pull information from the system and place it in your document. This could be a Candidates education history or telephone number for example.

You can use the pre-set Vincere wildcards in your documents and can also create custom wildcards directly from custom fields inside the system for example reference numbers. You can view more on how to create custom field wildcards HERE

For more information on how to send a Client Booking click HERE.

Enjoy Building! #TheVincereWay!

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