You can use custom fields from candidates, contacts, companies and jobs as wildcards in the Document Builder.

  1. How to create a Custom Field Wildcard

  2. How to use a Custom Field Wildcard in a Template

Create a Custom Field Wildcard

  1. From Settings > Field Configuration > select a field type

  2. Scroll down to find the created field

  3. Select the checkbox to enable the wildcard

  4. Input the wildcard title and field name

  5. Input a key for the wildcard: this is the unique variable for each wildcard (You do not have to include # in the key)

Use a Custom Field Wildcard in a Template

Now inside the Document Builder, you’ll be able to see a new tab called custom in the wildcard area. This is where the custom wildcards you have enabled can be found.

Simply use search to find your custom wildcard and click on it to add it to your document:

Please note that you can create a maximum of 50 Wildcards.

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