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v16.0 January '21 Release | Vincere Core, Pay & Bill & Intelligence
v16.0 January '21 Release | Vincere Core, Pay & Bill & Intelligence

All-new mobile app, VinnyChat, CRM Stage automation, upgrades to Advanced Search, additional configurations for Pay & Bill and much more.

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We’re Q to your Bond.

We innovate, and give you the tech. But you are the star of the show.

Our mission: Give you the License to Bill, and Bill big.

Here’s a blockbuster release to kick-off 2021.


It’s here. The all-new Vincere Mobile App. Available now on iOS & Android.

a. Available in both Dark & Light mode.

b. Voice-to-text: capture voice notes as Comments against Candidate & Contact

c. Quick actions on Active Applications:

  • Rate Candidates

  • Move Candidate to the next stage

  • Reject Candidate with reason

d. Easy access to Candidate LiveList

e. Quick snapshot of Booked Fees & Placements

f. Custom fields: ability to edit & update custom fields

VinnyChat is a new way to communicate with your team. Heard of Slack or MS Teams? Well, VinnyChat is ‘Slack for Recruiters’.

Available now on Vincere desktop AND new mobile app (iOS and Android).

a. Tag records: instantly share links to Candidate, Contact, Job, Company, Placement records.

b. Public / private groups: channel-based message for different teams, specific projects/ job assignments or company-wide announcements

c. Introducing ‘Shoutouts’: create company templates for ‘Shoutouts’ so you can celebrate wins together & give recognition to your team

d. Share files: resumes, images and any other documents

e. Gifs & Emojis: keeps things fun with our Giphy plugin...a surefire hit with your team

f. Start threads to organize conversations

g. Use @mentions to notify your teammates and get their attention

h. Mark messages as unread

i. Search groups

j. Receive mobile push notifications: stay in the loop no matter where you are

k. Receive VinnyChat alerts via email

l. Configure notifications: manage your VinnyChat notification preferences

The LiveList™ now offers you more configuration options, so you can deliver a more personalised experience to your Clients:

a. Decide which columns to hide / show when sending the LiveList™

b. Branding: display your Clients’ logo (or your own logo) on the LiveList™ - this was the #1 requested feature for the LiveList™

c. Set up default LiveList™ settings to apply across the business

You can set up default LiveList settings for your business, but also enjoy the flexibility to overwrite this on individual LiveLists™.

Save time and eliminate manual work with our new CRM Automation workflows:

a. Automatically move Contacts to a new stage in the pipeline when an activity is added:

  • Create automation rules to update a Contact’s Stage based on Contact activities

  • Stage updates are logged as Activities in the Contact record

b. Updates to Statuses:

  • Configurable Company and Job Statuses *new

  • Bulk actions to update Contact Status *new

We have re-engineered our Advanced Search UI to make your search experience inside Vincere even more intuitive - no Boolean knowledge required.

a. Intuitive Search Parameters: You can easily add / edit / remove the words or phrases in Fields and Vincere will automatically update the Search Parameters below.. No Boolean Search experience required.

b. Search Candidate & Contact’s Email Permission status:

  • Subscribed

  • Unsubscribed

  • No Email (applicable for Contact only)

c. Indeed & Vinny Search: search your own data and records on the world’s largest job board, Indeed, simultaneously. Search two databases (internally & externally) at once.

Pssst...we have new ‘Application Search’ coming very soon, watch this space.

Get an even more accurate forecast using our new Forecast Modes.

a. You can now set forecasts to calculate based on:

  • Manual

  • Headcount

  • *new* Active Applications - Manual

  • *new* Active Applications - Auto

b. ‘Forecast by Active Application’ gives you the option to calculate forecast per application.

  • Manual - requires you to input the forecast

  • Auto - Vinny does the calculations for you based on your actual % chance of placement. The % chance of placement is calculated on the actual % placement rate recorded inside Vinny over the previous 12 month period)


We've added a bunch of additional configuration and settings to Vincere Pay & Bill for TimeTemp.

a. Enable Auto Clock In / Out based on Shift times: This option automatically clocks your workers/employees in and out based on their assigned shift times so you never have to worry about them forgetting to log their shifts.

b. Select Clock In / Out Devices:

  • From DoorClock and Mobile

  • From DoorClock Only

c. Limit Early Clock In: Set limits on how early workers/employees can clock in before the start of their shift

d. Geofence (GPS / WIFI) Attendance Tracking: Great for remote workforce management, you can now track attendance & location based on:

  • GPS coordinates

  • Office Wifi locations

e. Set Timesheet Edit Options:

  • From Mobile

  • From Timesheet Web app

f. Primary Project:

  • Automatically link a project in TimeTemp to a placement inside Vincere

  • All time logged against the placement will be associated to the Project automatically.


1/ Intelligence Enhancements on Vincere Mobile App

a. Snapshot of Booked Fees & Placements

b. See leaderboard: top 10 performers

2/ Sticky filters across all reporting dashboards

Configure default intelligence filters or "sticky filters" across all reporting dashboards inside Vincere Intelligence.

3/ Permission to download Intelligence reports

Set user-based restrictions on who has access to download reports in Intelligence to CSV.

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