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A bunch of new updates focused on usability and additional TimeTemp configurations to help manage worker attendance accurately

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1. Updates to Pay & Bill Settings

To help accurately manage workers / employees attendance, we've added additional configurations and settings to Vincere Pay & Bill for TimeTemp.

a. Enable Auto Clock In / Out based on Shift times: automatically assigns shift start, shift end and breaks into the worker's / employee’s timesheet if they forget to clock in / out for the day.

b. Set Default Clock In / Out Devices for your workers / employees

  • From DoorClock and Mobile

  • From DoorClock Only

c. Limit Early Clock In: Set limits on how early workers / employees can clock in before the start of their shift

d. Geo-Location (GPS) and Geofencing (IP / WIFI based) Attendance Tracking: ensure your workers are clocking in within the designated lat/long locations or in the approved Wifi networks / IP addresses.

  • Use GPS Coordinates: set distance (Radius) from the Job Site Location where employees can clock in.

  • Set public Wifi addresses or MAC addresses of the Job Site to prevent employees to clock in from a different location.

e. Limit Editing Options for accurate timesheets

  • From Mobile

  • From Timesheet Web app

f. Primary Project:

  • Automatically link a project in TimeTemp to a placement inside Vincere

  • All time logged against the placement will be associated to the Project automatically.

2. Introducing Email Templates in TimeTemp

One of the most highly requested features of TimeTemp users 🎉 #youaskwedeliver

  1. Configure email templates for all Companies registered in TimeTemp (Default Templates) or for a specific Company

  2. Use wildcards (merge tags) to personalize your emails

  3. Edit History: See who and when templates were updated

  4. Available actions: Save & Overwrite / Reset / Preview / Save / Revert

  5. For our Japanese customers: Email templates are supported in Japanese

3. UI Updates to TimeTemp Schedule View

Out with the old

In with the 🆕

Week View

Month View

A brand new dashboard view with consolidated filter options.

Filter by:

a. Schedule Views: Active Contracts / Leave Requests / Starters / Finisher / Sick Request only / Late Start

b. Companies

c. Departments

d. Jobs

✨ We have also added the TimeTemp Schedule View into the Shift Scheduler inside Vincere, giving you a one easy place to access your Worker Roster, Shifts and Starting/Active Workers.

4. Activities Log per timesheet

The Activities Log shows you records of user activity, showing who did what, when and how:

a. Shift Activities: Shifts Added / Updated / Removed

b. Time Attendance Activities:

  • Clock In / Out

  • Break Starts / Break Ends

c. GPS & WIFI Addresses

d. Clock In / Out Photos

e. Activities log can be filtered by Date Range

5. Updates to Projects:

a. Copy Projects: When copying Shifts in TimeTemp, workers / employees will now be able to choose to copy Project hours logged for those Shifts. Available on both TimeTemp Web App & Mobile.

b. Filtering Projects by Employees: see exactly how many project hours have been logged against a worker / employee.

6. Improvement on Leave Request details:

Easily track the Start and Finish time of the worker’s / employee’s Leave Request in the TimeTemp Schedule View.

7. Approver View from User Management for Recruiter Admins:

As a recruiter admin user you can view as the following user types:

  1. Employee

  2. Manager

  3. Approver

  4. Recruiter

NOTE: An Approver can only see placements associated with them, a Manager can see all the placements across their company.

8. Undo submission of standalone expense:

Employees can now undo the submission of a standalone expense prior to approval from the manager.

9. More file types for Receipts are now supported:

TimeTemp now supports other file types for receipt when adding expenses, including .doc .docx .pdf .rtf .xls .xlxs .ppt .pptx .csv .png .jpes .jpg .bmp

👉 Note: Some users of TimeTemp Mobile may need to uninstall and reinstall the app from your Android or iOS device to fully utilize all new features.

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