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Email Templates in TimeTemp

Configure all automated Email Templates sent from TimeTemp

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🎉 Introducing Email Templates for TimeTemp.

One of the most highly requested features by customers & TimeTemp users #VinnyLovesYou

You are now able to configure all automated Email Templates sent from TimeTemp.

Head to Management > Configuration > Email Templates

Note: The Email Templates settings are only available to Recruiter Admins and Manager (Company) Admins.

Default Templates or Email Template per Company

You can configure default email templates for all Companies in TimeTemp or for a specific Company.

Choose which one you want to configure from the drop down. See below 👇

Note: Recruiter Admin will be able to see all Companies in the drop down and Manager (Company) Admins will only see their Company in the drop down.

Email Categories and Email Templates for each Category

On the left, you will see all Email Categories and the email template types for each category.

Simply select the email template you want to configure and TimeTemp will show you the content of the email.

  1. CC / BCC: Allows you to CC or BCC individuals. TimeTemp will automatically CC / BCC the recipient(s) when the email is sent.

  2. Subject: the subject line of the email

Editing Email Templates

Use the formatting tool at the top to format your email.

❓ How can I personalize my emails? Super simple, use wildcards “#” (in your email templates)

Wildcards are merge tags that pull information from the field value in TimeTemp and replace the emails with that information.

Click in the email body and select the wildcard on the right hand side of the email templates to insert the wildcard to the template.

Actions for Email Templates:

Save & Overwrite: changes made in the template will then be applied to the same template for other companies.

For example: changes made in the template 5.2 for Company “Accenture Australia” will be applied to template 5.2 of all other companies in TimeTemp.

Reset: cancel the changes made on the email template

Preview: preview the email template before saving

Save: save the changes made on the email template

Revert: revert back to the system’s default template including the email subject

Note: Revert button will only show if you update and save the template.

Edit history

See when and by whom the Email template was updated.

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