What is the Forecast fee?

The forecast fee on a Job is the forecast of how much profit is made when this Job is successfully placed (based on total headcount).

The fees are reflected in the currency you've set in User Settings.

Where does the number come from?

It is pulled from the Forecast fee value in the Pipeline Management section by using the fees that you have configured from the Compensation & Fees tab.

The formula:

Active Total Headcount * Profit

Note: The % chance of placement will not be included in this Forecast Fee calculation within the Job Profile.

What happens to the fee if I don't use the fee from compensation tab?

If you want to manually input your fee instead, simply uncheck the box and add your fees.

When you do this, your manually updated forecast fee will be the value that is shown in the forecast (i.e. disregarding Vincere's formula)

The forecast number does not match with the forecast number in the Analytics Suite.

The forecast fee in the Job is calculated differently from the forecast fee in Analytics.

In Analytics, Vincere takes into consideration the % chance of placement (i.e weighted fees)

Where can I see this Forecast fee in the Job Profile?

You can see the Forecast fee in:

a) Quick View of Job

b) Job Summary

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