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CRM Contact Stage Automation
CRM Contact Stage Automation
Create automation rules to update a Contact's Stage based on Contact activities
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CRM Contact Stage Automation

We’ve added in the ability for you to create automation rules to update Contact’s Stage based on Contact activities.

1. To get started, head over to Settings > Admin Settings > 1. Organization Settings > Stage.

2. You can then choose in which stage(s) of the CRM Contact Pipeline, you’d like to create automations for

3. Click on the pencil icon to set up the automation rules.

4. Toggle on the Stage Automation: Update from this stage to another stage automatically

5. Select the Contact activities you want to use as the trigger of the automation.

NOTE: This includes all Contact related activities (calls, meetings), new Job and new Job Lead added, Job Lead conversion, and all placements.

🔥 TIP: You can review and rename the Contact activities in Settings > Goal Console. Check out this article for more information on how to rename activities and track calls / meetings.

6. Then select which Stage you want to move the Contact to when the activity is completed.

7. The Stage update will then be logged against the Contact’s Profile as an activity

Updates to Statuses

You are now able to set up custom Statuses to not just Candidate and Contact but also Company and Job.

💡 Did you know? You can bulk update Company, Contact, Candidate and Job Status in bulk. Select the records from the table view > Actions > Update Status.

To configure the Company or Job status, go to Settings > Admin Settings > 1. Organizational Settings > Status.

The Company or Job status can be viewed from the Company or Job’s Profile, Quick View, and in the Company or Job table.

From the Company or Job's Profile / Quick View, click on the pencil icon where you see the status > Update status.

Company's Quick View

Company's Profile

Job's Quick View

Job's Profile

Company and Job’s Status is searchable in Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Bulk Update Contacts’ Statuses

Do you have clients that you haven't worked with for a while? You can now update the Company's status so you can easily search for all your clients who need re-engaging.

You can then take this one step further by bulk updating the status of all of the contacts at a particular company easily.

From the Company’s profile > Contacts table, you can now bulk update all Contacts’ Statuses to one status by clicking on the Bulk Update Status button.

🔥 TOP TIP: You can then add them all to a Distribution List for email campaigns to re-engage them.

Simplified Traffic Light Numbers in Pipelines

We’ve now simplified the traffic light numbers in the Applications and CRM pipelines.

Applications Pipeline:

CRM Pipeline:

As we all know Contacts and Companies are linked entities inside Vincere. Moving a contact down the pipeline will automatically move the Company.

Note: If you’ve got multiple Contacts in one company, Vincere will move Company according to the Contact in the highest stage. Check out this article for more information.

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