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A Complete Guide to VinnyChat
A Complete Guide to VinnyChat

Take control of your internal communications

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How are you managing your internal communications?

WhatsApp...Email...Slack...MS Teams...?

Meet VinnyChat 💬

T he embedded chat and collaboration platform that lives inside Vincere. Keep your team connected...& seize control of your internal comms.

Available now on Vincere desktop AND new mobile app (iOS and Android).

A complete guide to Vinny Chat:

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What is VinnyChat?

Watch the video below for a quick tour of VinnyChat:

VinnyChat is a new way to communicate with your team. Heard of Slack or MS Teams? Well, VinnyChat is ‘Slack for Recruiters’.

Available now on Vincere desktop AND new mobile app (iOS and Android).

a. Tag records: instantly share links to Candidate, Contact, Job, Company, Placement records.

b. Public / private groups: channel-based message for different teams, specific projects/ job assignments or company-wide announcements

c. Introducing ‘Shoutouts’: create company templates for ‘Shoutouts’ so you can celebrate wins together & give recognition to your team

d. Zoom integration: jump on video calls with our pre-built Zoom integration

e. Share files: resumes, images and any other documents

f. Gifs & Emojis: keeps things fun with our Giphy plugin...a surefire hit with your team

g. Start threads to organize conversations

h. Use @mentions to notify your teammates and get their attention

i. Mark messages as unread

j. Search groups

k. Receive mobile push notifications: stay in the loop no matter where you are

l. Receive VinnyChat alerts via email

m. Configure notifications: manage your VinnyChat notification preferences

Quick Guide To Getting Started with VinnyChat

Creating a new VinnyChat account:

  1. From your Vincere account, look for the CommsHub icon on the top right next to the blue + Add button.

  2. Click on it and Comms Hub will open in another tab

  3. You will then see a Welcome page where you can create your VinnyChat username*.

  4. You can use the system generated username or create a new one. If your username is accepted, you'll see a green tick appear.

  5. Click on the blue Create button to go to Comms Hub.

  6. Now your profile is set - ready to start chatting? ;)

*Note: a valid username needs to meet these requirements:

  • Must begin with a letter

  • Must not begin with the symbols: .(dot) - (dash) _ (underscore)

  • Must contain between 3 to 22 characters (including numbers)

  • Must be in lowercase

Overview of VinnyChat:

1. Sidebar

Quickly access your User Settings, Chat (Direct Messages), Groups, Shout-outs, Notifications or Twilio SMS.

User Settings:

a. Change your status: set yourself as Away or Online. When Away, notifications will be muted.

b. Configure your Vincere notifications: which Activity notifications would you like to receive?

c. Keep track of your messages and file limits.

Chat (Direct Messages): one-on-one conversations between you and a teammate.

Groups: Send messages or share files in private or public groups. Groups can be teams, projects, office locations such as Sales team, New placements, etc., anything that is related to your business or recruitment processes.

Shout-outs: Share shout-outs to give your teammate recognition. Perhaps a new placement, one year anniversary, etc. Learn more about Shout-outs here.

Notifications: Keeps you informed in real-time about activities such as new applications, completed interviews, new placements, etc.

Threads: a conversation consisting of an initial message and its replies. Threads help to create organized discussions around specific messages.

Recently Read: Chats, Groups, Shout-outs that you’ve recently opened inside VinnyChat

2. Search

Use the search bar at the top to find messages, your teammates, groups or themes in VinnyChat.

3. Group details

Shows information about a Group, such as a list of members who have joined the group, and files that have been shared to the Group.

You can also invite other teammates in Vincere to join, rename Group, archive Group or send Direct Messages to a member.

Messaging options:

Append Vincere entities and files: append a Candidate / Job / Company / Contact / Placement / File in conversations. Your teammate can easily click to open the record in Vincere from VinnyChat.

Add files: Upload files from your computer and share files with your teammates. All shared files are accessible from the details of the conversation.

Add @mention: If you need to notify a teammate or a group, use @mention to get their attention and they will receive an email notification. Learn more about @mention in VinnyChat here.

Add shout-out: Give your teammate shoutouts and recognition for a job well done. Learn more about Shoutouts here.

Add emoji / Giphy: Add Emoji or Giphy reactions to messages to keep conversations fun.

💡 Did you know?

Keyboard shortcut for adding emoji: :emojikeyword: (example: type in :thumbsup: to add 👍 to your message)

Keyboard shortcut for adding Giphy: /gif

Start Zoom: Start Zoom meetings directly inside VinnyChat

Thread actions:

Add reaction: Add an emoji reaction to a message

Mark as unread: If you’ve already read a message but need to come back to it later, you can mark the message as unread. The Direct Message or Group will then be bold, prompting you to reopen the message when you reopen VinnyChat.

Reply in thread: start a thread from a message to organise and keep track of all replies related to this message

  1. Thread is connected to the original message.

  2. Replies in thread won’t appear in the conversation’s main view.

  3. Only users replying to the thread will be notified of new replies.

  4. @ mention a user in a thread only notifies the person that is mentioned not everyone in the group

  5. All threads are tracked in the Threads section of the left hand side menu.

Edit / Delete message: If you have made a mistake, you can edit / delete the message.

Note: Message deletions are permanent and cannot be undone.

VinnyChat on the Mobile App

Access VinnyChat on the go from Vincere’s Mobile App.

Your feedback matters

Here at Vinny, we listen. Your feedback matters so tell us what you’d like us to add to VinnyChat.

✨ See what we’ve delivered & what’s next on the roadmap here.

What you can do:

  1. Vote on features that have been released and tell us your feedback.

  2. Share with us what you think about the features being considered and vote on how important they are to you.

  3. Submit new ideas on what you think we should add to our roadmap.

For more information, click on the “How to give feedback” tab (next to Feature Roadmap).

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