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Zoom Integration for VinnyChat
Zoom Integration for VinnyChat

What is Zoom, how to get started and where to go for support with the Zoom for Vincere integration

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With Zoom for VinnyChat, you can start and join video calls right from your VinnyChat window. No more toggling between tabs. Go from chat to video at the click of a button.

Key features:

  • Start or join Zoom meetings directly from VinnyChat using Slash command “/zoom start” or clicking on the Zoom icon

  • Meet with large groups or 1:1

  • Connect or disconnect Zoom account using the Slash command “/zoom connect” or “/zoom disconnect”

  • Uninstall Zoom app from Zoom Marketplace.

To learn more about VinnyChat, click here.

This guide covers:

1/ Prerequisite

a. Free or Paid Zoom Account

b. VinnyChat Account

c. Enable Personal Meeting ID in your Zoom Settings, see below:

  • Login to your zoom account

  • Click on Settings on the left hand side

  • Click on Schedule Meeting

  • Switch on Enable Personal Meeting ID

Note: If your Personal Meeting ID is disabled, you will see the message below when starting a Zoom meeting in VinnyChat.

2/ Installation

Here’s a step by step guide to installing Zoom for VinnyChat

1. Connect VinnyChat with your Zoom account: type /zoom connect

2. Sign in to your Zoom account.

If you don’t have a Zoom account yet, sign up for a Zoom account.

3. Click on Authorize to give VinnyChat permission to access your Zoom account.

4. Now, you can go back to VinnyChat and start a Zoom Meeting.

3/ How to use Zoom in VinnyChat

1. Start a Zoom Meeting from VinnyChat:

Option 1: Click on the “Start Zoom” icon on the Message menu

Option 2: Type “/zoom start” in the Message box or choose from the command suggestion:

Note: Your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) will be used by VinnyChat to start the meeting. Specifically, this means that your PMI (or other default settings) will not be applied for scheduling a meeting or starting an instant meeting.

*For clarification, the Meeting Settings on Zoom as identified above will not apply in VinnyChat.

2. If your Zoom account is not connected, click on “Click here to link your Zoom account” to start the Installation:

3. Join a Zoom meeting: click on JOIN MEETING button to join the meeting

4. Zoom Command Help: type "/zoom help" to list the Zoom commands available.

4/ Uninstall

  1. Navigate to Zoom Marketplace and login to your Zoom account

2. Click on Manage > navigate to your Installed Apps

3. Click Uninstall next to VinnyChat

4. Confirm the dialogue and click Uninstall

Note: Uninstalling the VinnyChat app removes the app from your Zoom account at the user level.

🔐 Data Security (How data is used?)

VinnyChat accesses and uses the following information from your Zoom account:

  • User information: id, email, first name, last name, timezone

  • Meeting information: topic, type, start time, duration

5/ Troubleshooting

I am unable to start a Zoom call:

  • Uninstall VinnyChat via Zoom Marketplace (see Uninstall section #4 above)

  • Log out from Vincere

  • Clear your cache (here’s how)

  • Log into Vincere

  • Go to VinnyChat

  • Click on Zoom button in VinnyChat (see Installation section #1 above)

I connected to the wrong Zoom account:

  • Use slash command /zoom disconnect

  • Once disconnected, connect Zoom again (see Installation section #1 above)

6/ FAQs

I don’t have a Zoom account. How do I get started?

Go to Zoom to create an account - free and premium plans available. Learn more.

How can I set a password for my Zoom meeting?

This can be easily configured in your Zoom User Settings. Follow Zoom’s guidelines here.

How can I access & manage my recordings?

You can access & manage your recordings in the Zoom web app. Read Zoom’s guidelines here

Where can I configure additional settings related to my Zoom meeting?

This can be easily configured in your Zoom User Settings. Learn more here.

7/ Support

If you have any questions about Zoom for VinnyChat, feel free to reach out to us at customer success via the help centre at or email Our Customer Support team is available 24/5.

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