We know just how busy recruiters are. From speaking to clients to getting jobs, scheduling interviews and following up with candidates, recruiters are pulled into many different directions in a day.

That’s why with Vincere you can download the robust recruitment app that you can use anywhere, at anytime for all things recruitment. 

In a client meeting? Now you don’t have to try to remember everything and wait to enter all that data into the system only when you finally make it back to your desk. Add notes and comments on-the-fly as you speak to your clients in real-time.

Our Mobile App offers key features in a clean and intuitive user interface:

  • View full candidate profiles & resumes
  • Shortlist candidates on the go
  • View full company, contact and job details
  • Add notes, comments, tasks to any record in seconds
  • Tap to call/ email clients or candidates
  • Search by name or keyword combinations (including full boolean searching and filtering capabilities)

Download it here:

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