Shoutouts in VinnyChat

Everything you need to know about Shoutouts

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Think of Shoutouts as virtual high-fives or LinkedIn's Kudos that you give to your teammates.

Shoutouts are great for:

  1. Celebrating wins together

  2. Giving recognition to your team

  3. Creating a positive, collaborative team culture

and especially while working remotely. #WFAnywhere

To get started:

1. Head over to your Comms Hub and click on Shout-outs

2. Click on the plus button on the left panel to create a new theme

3. Create a shout-out theme and Add People to join the theme

How to share Shout-outs

1. From a Chat (Direct Message) or a Group, click on the loudspeaker icon ๐Ÿ“ข on the Messaging Options bar.

2. Select the shout-out theme

3. Select a user or multiple users to share shout-out to

4. Add in your message and hit Share Shout-out

5. Shout-out will then be shared as a message in the Chat or in the Group and will show in the Shout-out theme for everyone to congratulate. ๐Ÿ‘

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