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Updates to Advanced Search
Updates to Advanced Search

We’ve improved the Usability & UI to make your Search experience even more intuitive than ever - no more Boolean knowledge required.

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Out with the Old...

In with the New…

We have re-engineered our Advanced Search UI to make your search experience inside Vincere even more intuitive - no Boolean knowledge required.

To get started, open Advanced Search

Open your Advanced Search from anywhere inside Vincere: click on the blue “Open Advanced Search” button from your Quick Search bar

or click on the Search menu - Quick Search > select Advanced Search to access your Advanced Search and Filters.

Start with Field Search

Simply type in what you’re looking for in the Fields: Job Titles / Companies / Skills | Keywords / Other Fields.

🔥 TIP: You don’t have to use Boolean search queries here. Simply type in a word (i.e. developer) or a phrase (i.e. Project Manager) in the fields and leave the rest to us 😉.

You can add as many words or phrases as you like in the fields.

Other Fields

If you'd like to narrow down your search further, use Other Fields dropdown.

Click on Other Fields and select the Fields you’re looking for in the fields dropdown. Or simply type in the Field’s name, i.e. Industry.

💡 What happens next?

The words or phrases in blue will go into the Search Parameters and we will build out a Boolean search string for you.

The search criteria from within the same field, such as all the Job Titles, will be built into the Search Parameter with an OR Boolean operator, and will be grouped with brackets. The different fields will be linked in the Search Parameter with an AND operator.

🔥 TIP: Want to search Candidate’s Resume?

Simply check the Search Resume box and Vincere will search the Original CV for words or phrases entered in the fields.

Intuitive Search Parameters

What’s so special about this feature? You can easily add / edit / remove the words or phrases in the Fields and Vincere automatically updates the Search Parameters for you.

If you need to change the Boolean Operators, head to the Search Parameter and choose from the Operator dropdown.

Availability Search

Another update you’ll notice is that we’ve added Availability Search to Advanced Search

First, choose the Availability Range:

If you choose Next 7 days / Next 14 days / Next 21 days / Next 30 days, Vinny will automatically add the Date in for you respectively.

You can also choose the Day or From - To Time you want to apply the Availability search to.

The Availability Search criteria will then be added to the Search Parameters.

You can edit / remove the Availability criteria by changing the Range to None and Vincere will automatically update the search string in the Search Parameters for you.

Note: You can also remove the Availability search string from the Search Parameters by clicking on the x icon and removing the operator OR.

💡 Did you know? Vincere automatically searches candidates across Indeed’s database.

Indeed is the world’s largest job site with over 250 million unique visitors every month and you now have direct access to their database.

All you need to do is enter the Search criteria for Job Titles or Skills | Keywords in Vincere’s Candidate Advanced Search > hit Search > click on the Indeed icon (next to the Candidate icon on the Search table view) and Voila….

Search Candidate & Contact’s Email Permission Status

We’ve added in Email Subscription for both Candidate and Contact in Search and in the table view (Contact / Candidate / Application), allowing you to search for who has Subscribed / Unsubscribed / No Email (for Contact only)

To add the Email Subscription column to your Table View, click on Table views & configuration > Columns > Search for Email Subscription > Check the box next to the field. Learn more about Table views & configuration here.

You can then sort the Email Subscription column by: Subscribed / Unsubscribed / No Email (for Contact only)

To search for Email Subscription, simply head over to Quick Search or Advanced Search, type in Email Subscription and select what you’re searching for from the drop down.

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