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January ‘21 Release | Intelligence
January ‘21 Release | Intelligence

New Intelligence for Vincere Mobile App, monthly and weekly goal filters, export permissions and "sticky filters" across all dashboards

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Highlights include a brand new look & feel for the Mobile App so you can track stats on the go, customisable monthly and weekly goal filters, new export permissions and we’ve finished the rollout out of “sticky filters” across all dashboards in the Vinny Intelligence suite.

1/ Mobile App | Intelligence Enhancement

We have improved the look & feel of our native Mobile App now allowing you to keep up to date with your activities on the go. You can track Booked Fees in a similar format to the desktop app and track your top 10 performers in a click directly from your phone.

Don’t forget to use the filter to select your reporting period:

2. Goals Dashboard | New date filter

Inside Goals, which is one of our most popular dashboards, we have now added the ability to filter each report by week-to-week or month-to-month - you decide.

3. “Sticky filters” | Intelligence reports

You can now setup & configure your default intelligence filters or “sticky filters” across all reporting dashboards inside Vincere intelligence.

❓ Can’t see how or need some help setting them up? Get in touch with us via and we’ll happily help you out.

4. Permission to download | Intelligence reports

Need to export some of the reporting dashboards to CSV for further manipulation? Not a problem. Your system administrator can now define which users can/can’t export specific reports to CSV. Simply head into User Management > Permissions tab and then define which reports to allow export access for.

5. My Dashboard | New Filters

We have added a series of new filters directly to the My Dashboard. These include Date, Brand, Team & Division.

6. Updates to Goals | Report Data

Activities that are logged as “New Jobs” now include the company name and contact name on the Total Activities tab making it easier for you to view and report on your drill downs.

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