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When you click into the Contacts tab, you are taken straight to a clear table view of your contacts. But what can you actually see and do here?

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This is your Contact pipeline. You can tailor what the chevron titles are (read all about that HERE) so that it suits your internal processes. The numbers clearly show you how many contacts you have in each stage.

Search table

Here you can search specifically within the Contact table. It will search the Contact and Company name fields to bring you back Contact results containing that criteria.

πŸ’‘TOP TIP: This is a great way to quickly find a particular contact

Smart Views

If you would like to save a specific group of columns in your view, you can also save your current view as a Smart View.

Just type the view name and click on the Save button to save your current view as a Smart View.

And you can also delete a view by clicking on the bin icon.

Note: You won't be able to edit your Smart View after it's been saved but you can load it at any time, make new changes and save it again as a new Smart View.

Custom Columns

What you see in the table view is up to you. Each user can simply choose the columns that are important for them to see by clicking on this icon.

Distribution Lists

Click here to see your distribution lists. You can learn more about these HERE.

Table Filters

Here you can apply various filters to your Contact table.

Pipeline View

Enabling and Disabling Pipe Line View will allow you to show or hide the Pipeline View above the page

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