What is a Job Lead?

Jobs vs Job Leads

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Working on securing a Job but yet to sign terms? Perfect, simply create a Job Lead inside Vincere.

In recruitment not all Jobs are real jobs...yet (fingers crossed). Maybe you’re working on closing a new client, or you have heard of jobs at a non-client company or you want to create an ad chase, in these cases you can mark these opportunities as a ‘Job Lead’ - perfect for BD. 

How do I create a Job Lead?
Easy peasy - simply change Job Category to Job Lead when adding a new job

You can still do everything you need (as per a normal job) but beware that a Job Lead will not appear in the ATS or the Application stages. You can only view Job Leads in last stage of the CRM pipeline. 

Don’t worry though - all your hard work isn't lost, once terms are signed and this becomes an active opportunity you can easily convert it to a real ‘Job’ at any time. Once you convert to a job it will automatically move to the Job chevron in the ATS and any applications will now show in the ATS.

Simply head to the Job Lead > Actions > Convert to Job

Or change the Job Category within the Job Lead itself

You can easily view your Job Leads at any time by going to your CRM pipeline

But the fun doesn't finish there... don't forget about analytics. 

Inside Analytics  you can filter out activities by Job Leads and Jobs:

  • Check all: Check activity across both Jobs and Job Leads 

  • Linked to Jobs: Check activity across Jobs only

  • Linked to Job Leads: Check activity across Job Leads only

  • No Job Links: Any activities not linked to Jobs/Job Leads e.g a phone call 

Coming next, Goals for Job leads and Job lead conversions, lets do this ! 🙌

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