Distribution Lists are groups of Contacts which allow you to action in bulk – for example, sending mass emails or making them hot.
You can easily create Distribution Lists by clicking on the quick add button on the top of the screen, select ‘Distribution List'. 

Here, you can create a name, set permissions and share with your colleagues

Private: If you want to be the only person who can access this Distribution List. 

Public: If you want everyone to be able to access it

Share with specific persons: If you only want to share it with selected persons only.

After you’ve setup your Distribution List, awesome, good work! Now you can start adding Contacts straight into it.

Once you’re happy and all set, you can either click save or save and view, which pulls you through to the Distribution List that you have just created.

To view your Distribution Lists, head over to your Vincere side menu and click on Distribution Lists. You can also access them from within the Contacts pipeline view. 

Bulk actions made easy, right? #TheVincereWay 🔥

👀 Looking for a way to export Distribution Lists to other systems?

You can do this with Zapier. Here's how:

  1. Create a new (public) Distribution List

  2. Add contacts to your Distribution List

  3. Use the 'New Contact added to Distribution List' Trigger when creating the Zap

  4. For the Action, select the appropriate Action (e.g If you want to send Contacts to Email Automation platforms like Autopilot or Mailchimp, I'll choose the Autopilot or Mailchimp Apps related action i.e.  Add New Contact in Autopilot OR  Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp.)

To get started with Zapier, click here.

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