1. Details ✅

2. Custom Fields ✅

3. Descriptions & ratings ✅

4. Compensation & Fees ✅

5. Activities ✅

6. Files ✅

7. Onboarding ✅

8. Approval Process ✅

9. Pipeline ✅

1/ Details

Here is where you can find an overview of all the important details of your job.

In the top left are key details, including the company name, contact, open/closed, headcount, time since last activity, and forecast fee. You can also clearly see if the job is posted to job boards or not.

Job Brief: Here you can type key details about the job

Job Status: Headcount, PO number, Open & Close dates

Job Details: Job type, Title, Owner, Location, Tagging

Company Information: Company Name, Contact, Phone Numbers

Pipeline Management: %change of placement, Forecast fee, Difficulty

2/ Custom Fields

Here you will see any fields that you have configured. See how to do that HERE

3/ Descriptions & Ratings

Here you can upload job a job description and fill in other details about the job.

Original Document: This is the original document you upload

Job Summary: This will be visible on the Job Portal in the summary of the advert

Public Job Description: This will be public online - so make sure there are no confidential details here

Internal Job Description: This is for internal eyes only

Ratings & Screening Questions: Where you can choose competencies to rate your candidates on, and add screening questions to filter out unsuitable candidates

4/ Compensation & Fees

This is where you can find and edit all of the financial details of the role, including salary & fee.

5/ Activities

Want to see what's been happening with this job? Take a look here, you will see all meetings, comments, and actions taken on the role, and see exactly who in your company did the action and when. 

6/ Files

There are 2 parts to this section, "Job description" where you will find the job description you have uploaded, and "Offer & compensation documents" where you will find any offer letters, employment documents, and compensation details documents.

7/ Onboarding

Here you can choose the documents that are required for your roles, for example Application forms or Passport Photocopies.

You can find out how to add document types HERE and how to set verifiers for them HERE

8/ Approval Process

If you have an internal approval process for offers, here is where you can select the approver for your role. You can read all about how to set up approvers HERE

9/ Pipeline

At the top of every job, you will be able to see the pipeline for that specific job, and be able to quickly see how many candidates you have at each stage of the process. To understand what the traffic light system and numbers mean, click HERE 

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