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Adding and Configuring Document Types
Adding and Configuring Document Types

Vincere can be configured to your company processes straight out-of-the box

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Want to add some additional document types to Vincere? No problem at all.

1/ Head to Settings > Admin Settings > Document Settings> Document & Checks

Note: Only Admin Users can complete the following actions

2/ Click on (+) Create New Document or Check Type

Here you can add as many additional documents as you like. Examples include:

  • Passport

  • CRB Check

  • Registration Pack

  • Medical Questions

  • Birth Certificate

  • Safety Pledge

  • Forklift Licence

  • Driver Licence

  • Proposal

  • Client Contract

3/ Fill out the information:


Select user(s) to be the verifier of the document

(More info HERE)

Compliance Level

Set levels of compliance for job onboarding documents either as Nice-to-Have, Warning, and Mandatory

(More info HERE)

Show in Candidate Portal

Documents or Checks are by default shown in the Candidate Portal as needing to be uploaded by candidates.

To hide the documents or checks from the Candidate Portal, set Show in Candidate Portal to No.

Set Expiry Date as required field

In the Files section, the asterisk (*) is displayed when the Expiry Date is required.

In the Candidate Portal, candidates must add the expiry date for the document to be saved on their account.

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