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The recruitment industry is constantly evolving, as are the demands of employers. To keep up with these changes, many recruitment agencies have developed new processes and formats for applications. This has created some confusion for employers and candidates alike, as they are not always clear about what is required when applying for a role. Fortunately, Vincere has been updating its arsenal of features to ensure we meet the demands of the market and provide the highest quality service to both your clients and candidates.

What does it do?

  • Put a hard stop in placing candidates with either missing, unverified and expired Mandatory documents

  • Set levels of compliance for job onboarding documents either as Nice-to-Have, Warning, and Mandatory

  • Ability to search candidates who have mandatory documents

What are the available Compliance Levels?

Compliance Level

How it works

Nice to Have

This is the default setting for all document types. No warning or prevention will be done when placing candidates who have missing or expired Compliance level documents of this level,


When attempting to place a candidate with missing or expired Compliance Warning-level documents, you will receive a warning to let you know which documents are expired or missing. The candidate can be placed if you choose to click on the continue button,


If a compliance doc level has been set as 'Mandatory', the Candidate(s) will not be placed if these documents do not exist, are unverified or have expired. Candidates without 'Warning' Compliance Level Documents will be placed.

Warning message:

How to Set up document type compliance level:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Admin Settings

  3. Click on Document Settings tab

  4. Click the edit button under Documents & checks

  5. Locate the Document type you want to edit

  6. Click on the Edit button under the Action column

  7. Select the Compliance level you want to apply

  8. Save

How to require documents or edit the compliance level in the job:

  1. Open the job summary page

  2. Click on the onboarding tab

  3. Click the + sign to add a new document type

  4. Add the Document type

  5. Select the compliance level

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page

Shift Scheduler

How to require documents or edit the compliance level in a shift:

  1. Go to Shift Scheduler

  2. Select the shift/s you want to add the compliance level documents

  3. Click Edit shift

  4. Click Search

  5. Click under the compliance level you want and select the document

  6. Click on Save

Compliance level search

You can search for candidates who have their documents based on the compliance level in the Advanced Search.


Search results will only return candidates that have all the document types listed under the mandatory field.

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